YUNEEC H520E – the second generation in the Yuneec commercial drone line

The professionally awarded Yuneec H520 drone has got its second-generation H520E. The manufacturer has designed the drone with a completely new processor with increased power, preparing it for the development of new applications and a number of payloads. He also met the comments and expectations of H520 users by making improvements that we all were waiting for. The new range reaches 3,5 km in Europe and 7 km in the US.

More information and specifications:
Article from the blog our first impressions:

H520E will be available on the market in the middle of October 2020.

00:00 introduction
00:25 unboxing
04:13 increased transmission range and OFDM modulation
05:43 RTK functionality
08:06 new payload connector (X-Connector) and the Yuneec Certified Accessory program
10:43 new battery and extended flight time
12:20 the new ST16E controller
16:41 similarities with the older version: the H520

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  1. Maxime Daout on April 8, 2021 at 1:39 am

    Nice unboxing but you forgot to say the new connector comes with a drawback : only 320° rotation instead of unlimited 360° that can be a "no go" when making videos or 360 panoramas…

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