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Shop at for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter. Create a preflight checklist calibrate your DJI Phantom 4 Pro and learn how to operate your controller. It’s time to get your DJI Phantom 4 Pro, available at, in the air. Once you arrive at your flight location, the first thing you need to do is take a look at your pre-flight checklist. Having a checklist will help you become a more responsible, and safer, pilot. First, check the battery levels. Make sure the drone battery and the remote controller are fully charged, as well as your mobile device. Now inspect your props for any damage. If there is any, replace the prop immediately. Now if you haven’t already secured the props to your drone, make sure you have plenty of space on the microSD card. You don’t want to run out of room in the air right before an epic shot. Make sure you’re in a wide open area and you’re not in any no-fly zones. If you launch the DJI Go 4 app in a no-fly zone, the app will warn you to move. Steer clear of people and obstacles. Practice in wide open spaces before you try more complicated maneuvers. Most people crash their drones because they become disoriented in the air. Okay, let’s turn on the drone and the remote controller so we can calibrate the compass. To turn on the drone, press the button on the battery pack twice, and hold it down the second time, until the warm-up sequence begins. Now do the same thing to the power button. On the remote, tap it twice, holding it down the second time to get things started. Open your DJI Go 4 app. You’ll see a screen titled Aircraft Status. On the right side of the screen, click Calibrate. Now pick up your drone and hold it about five feet off the ground. While keeping the aircraft flat, spin it in a full circle. Once the lights on the drones change color, point the front of the aircraft down so the props are facing away from you. Note that the front of the drone has the name Phantom on it. Spin it again in a full circle, keeping the front pointed down. The GPS on your DJI Go 4 app should now say “It’s safe to fly.”

Okay, all systems are go and you’re ready for takeoff. Grab both joysticks and pull them back to the inner corners. The props will begin to spin. Now release the joysticks and slowly push up on the left joystick to take off. If you want the drone to take off automatically, just look for the Auto Takeoff button on the flight screen in the app. Once you’re up in the air about 12 feet, move to the left and right using the right joystick. Don’t rush. Get comfortable with all the controls, including the Camera button. Hit the record button on the app and use the wheel in the upper left corner to control the tilt of the camera up and down. To land, gradually pull back on the left joystick until the Phantom 4 Pro is on the ground. Once you’re on the ground, continue to pull it all the way back until the propeller stops spinning. You can also land automatically by having the Auto Land button in the app. And what’s cool is you can review any of the footage you just took right here in the app. After you’ve flown for a while, try out some of the other flight modes, like sport mode. The more you find, the more comfortable you’ll feel handling the Phantom 4 Pro in the air. So happy flying everybody! Okay, now that you’ve explored the remote controller for your DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter, available at, you might want to check out our other Phantom 4 Pro videos to learn what you want to know about getting started and unboxing the drone, how to assemble your drone to get it ready to fly, and how to set up your controller.

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