Why I Bought 3 Drones In Canada 😲 | Canada Couple Vlogs

This is a story about my drones. Why I bought them, what are the rules in Canada, should you buy a drone in Canada, what’s the price of the drone in Canada. You will come to know everything. Do like the video if you enjoyed it.

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    Happened same with me I bought mavic mini 1 and next week they launched new one

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    Thanks for sharing so authentically.you always talked about the people who r PR , please share some information about persons who r on work permit (what benefits they get from government while in work permit.Is they eligible to purchase house without giving any foreign buyers tax ) thanks in advance

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    i want to know about difference between canada and indian life…..i think in abroad you have to do a lot wok hard and have be stay away your family….here you people hve to do a good job and guys havent tine to sit together ….so clear it

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    I started watching your blogs when I was in India, and have got a lot of information from you guys and has helped a lot when I moved here!!!

    Keep it going!!!

    For the basic drone pilot license exam, what was the material you used?

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