Where are the Drone Restricted Areas in London? – Blue Skies Dronecast

Where are the Drone Restricted Areas in London? – Blue Skies Dronecast

Welcome to the Blue Skies Dronecast – A Podcast by UAVHUB.

In this weeks episode, we discuss the 3 restricted areas within London where you can’t fly your drone without permission, these include R157, R158 and R159.

We also discuss R160 and whether or not this has any impact on drone users.


0:00 – Introduction
03:48 – What are the Restricted Areas within London for Drones
05:22 – How do you get permission to fly?
07:46 – Can you fly the DJI Mini 2 in the restricted areas
09:50 – Can you fly recreationally in the restricted areas
11:32 – How can you find where the restricted areas are
15:48 – Weather Report
17.08 – Question 1 from the listeners
23.32 – Question 2 from the listeners
32.25 – Drone News – Drone use by the Royal Navy


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  1. Esprit Drone Services on August 1, 2021 at 9:35 pm

    Flew in Belgravia Square a couple of weeks ago Adam, NSF was approved just fine, 100 yards from the Buckingham Palace grounds. Drone wouldn’t take off without unlocking it with DJI though. Limited to 36m (120ft) and 100m radius. Mini 2 for a roof inspection.

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