What Parks Can I Fly My Drone In?

What Parks Can I Fly My Drone In?

This is a difficult question with a LOT of answers! We try to scratch the surface and outline some foundational rules, but the next step is definitely to research park laws for the areas that YOU want to fly in.

Hit us up in the comments below and we will try to point you to the right answers if we didn’t cover it in the video. BIG DISCLAIMER – The laws change for parks (regional and municipal, especially) as drone laws evolve, so it’s important to consider this video a snapshot reference and not definite!

We want to create a database of parks and park laws (with respect to drones), help us out by submitting this form! – https://forms.gle/617bwR3RdhTxzdWz9

0:00 Intro – Hey Look it’s Ian!
0:58 National Parks?
1:15 Provincial Parks?
1:25 Some Exceptions….
1:46 Municipal Parks
2:06 Who controls our Airspace?
2:10 Search Tips
2:27 Coastal has done the work for you!
2:48 Over 250g? You better be certified!
3:07 What about if someone approaches me?
3:20 What is my local laws don’t make sense?
3:27 Alright Alright Alright
3:29 Outro – What was that?

Parks Canada – https://bit.ly/3ifv9iI

BC Provincial Parks – https://bit.ly/3fOLMjL
AB Provincial Parks – https://bit.ly/3il7UDV
SK Provincial Parks – https://bit.ly/3gbX7sY
MB Provincial Parks – https://bit.ly/3uRkihs
ON Provincial Parks – https://bit.ly/34OBtpo
QC Provincial Parks – https://bit.ly/34OBny2
NB Provincial Parks – https://bit.ly/3yYWNX7
PEI Provincial Parks – TBD
NS Provincial Parks – TBD
NFLD Provincial Parks – TBD
Territorial Provincial Parks – TBD

Vancouver – https://coastaldrone.co/where-can-i-fly-my-drone-in-vancouver/
Calgary – https://coastaldrone.co/where-can-i-fly-my-drone-in-calgary/
Kelowna – https://coastaldrone.co/where-can-i-fly-my-drone-in-kelowna/
Toronto – https://coastaldrone.co/where-can-i-fly-my-drone-in-toronto/

For more details about Unmanned Systems Canada – https://www.unmannedsystems.ca/

If you are looking to manage a RPAS program or need help with Drone compliance in Canada, visit us at https://coastaldrone.co

To find out about our comprehensive Advanced Drone Certification Combo including training, exam prep, SOP guide and Flight Review, check out our site here: https://coastaldrone.co/advanced-pilot-certificate-coastal-drone/

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