What is a Drone? Drones in the Enterprise

What is a Drone? Drones in the Enterprise

Drones are no longer things of the future. Drones were once associated with the military, but now have found their place in personal, commercial, government and industrial environments. Learn more about drone technology and how drones are used in businesses today.

Drones are technically unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Drones can be controlled remotely or can be programmed to fly autonomously without human interaction. The type of drone depends on its use — taking photos and videos would be user-controlled, while surveying property and following a set path could be autonomous.

Drones can also be either rotor — with propellers — or fixed-wing — like airplanes. Rotor drones can have three, four, six or even eight rotors on its frame.

The growth of the internet of things and drone integration has created numerous enterprise use cases for drones, like capturing footage for news and sports, monitoring power lines and equipment and surveying wildlife areas.

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    GOD is getting angry, I tell you.
    Thanks be to GOD.AMEN AMEN.

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