Venezuela: Maduro point fingers at opposition for drone attack

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MANDATORY CREDIT: Venezolana de Televisión

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused two opposition leaders of being linked to a drone attack which the government believes was an assassination attempt in a televised national address from Caracas on Tuesday evening.

“All the testimonies point to Julio Borges, who lives in a mansion in Bogota protected by the outgoing Government of Colombia,” Maduro railed, before naming another suspect.

“One of the most crazy and psychopathic, a certain [Juan] Requesens, last name Requesens, one of the most psychopathic of the opposition,” he added.

Prosecutors have arrested six people who face charges of treason, attempted murder and terrorism.

As elected lawmakers, Requesens and the exiled Borges enjoy immunity from prosecution. The National Constituent Assembly have plans to remove this protection.

In the two-hour address, Maduro also showed military caps, some bloodstained, which had been pierced by shrapnel.

On Saturday, two drones loaded with explosives detonated close to a military parade in the capital’s downtown. Mid-speech, Maduro and his wife Cilia Flores looked up, before being escorted away from the event by bodyguards.

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