Top Agriculture Drones and Their Usage || Drone Diary

Top Agriculture Drones and Their Usage || Drone Diary

This top agriculture drones video is for farmers and agriculture service professionals who want to use unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the health of crops and livestock.

It covers everything you need to know, including drone reviews of the leading UAVs used for precision agriculture; popular imaging software packages & services; a short list of UAV surveyors; and the latest FAA regulations governing use of drones in agriculture.

1- If you are interested in flying your own fixed wing or multi-rotor agriculture drone, then this guide will tell you everything you need to know to select and buy the right UAV for your needs.

2- If you plan to hire a third party to survey crops for you, then this guide will make you a smarter buyer.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

– The most popular ag drones selling today (fixed wing and multi rotor)
– How & why drones are used to scout fields & crops to check the health of plants
– The benefits & limitations of using drones vs. other aerial survey methods
– The different software and hardware components required
– How to get started – including a short list of ready-to-fly drone packages designed specifically for agriculture and a list of ag drone service companies you can hire to survey crops for you.

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    Very informative…

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    Loving your videos

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