TOP 6: BEST FPV Drones [2021] | For Beginners

TOP 6: BEST FPV Drones [2021] | For Beginners

The Best FPV Drones In 2021

• DJI FPV Combo (US Links):
• DJI FPV Combo (International Links):

• iFlight Nazgul 5 (US Links):
• iFlight Nazgul 5 (International Links):

• Parrot Anafi FPV (US Links):
• Parrot Anafi FPV (International Links):

• iFlight ProTek35 4S (US Links):
• iFlight ProTek35 4S (International Links):

• EMAX Tinyhawk 2 (US Links):
• EMAX Tinyhawk 2 (International Links):

• Makerfire Micro (US Links):
• Makerfire Micro (International Links):

00:00 Intro
00:21 DJI FPV Combo
01:27 iFlight Nazgul 5
02:16 Parrot Anafi FPV
03:24 iFlight ProTek35 4S
04:30 EMAX Tinyhawk 2
05:25 Makerfire Micro

Our list begins with the DJI FPV Combo. Equipped with color-customizable front LEDs and drone arm lights, this FPV Drone can look the way you want while providing essential lighting to alert others of the drone’s presence. It uses a bundled FPV Goggles V2 to let you get a first-person view of what the drone sees, with footage that makes it feel like you’re the one flying through the sky. And the onboard 4K60 fps gimbal camera can send low-latency video to your goggles for a near real-time experience. Its 150° super-wide FOV will enable you to take in and appreciate the scope of the vistas you fly over. And with the three different flying modes to choose from, you can fly at your own personal comfort level. The video transmission frequencies automatically switch between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz to help ensure your 50 Mb/s bit rate footage remains clear of stutter and compression artifacts. And its 4x Slow Motion feature can record footage at four times the standard rate of recording for a slow-motion effect.
Next is the iFlight Nazgul 5. This iFlight’s Nazgul5 is a 5-inch, first-person control tie, and fly-clasp racing drone. It comes fully assembled with everything you need for a superior drone flying experience. Its quadcopter is made using high-quality carbon fiber. And its weaving provides the frame higher durability, while the TPU inserts a shock-absorbing FPV camera design. Its 5mm arm is designed for more durability. And loads of power and smooth flights are guaranteed using its popular XING-E motors with long-lasting NSK bearings. The angle-Mode for self-balancing level is enabled by default to make sure your first flight doesn’t end in a mess. While the motor guard on the end of the arms is provided to protect the motor during a crash.


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