Top 3 Prosumer Drones For Your Drone Startup Business | Gale-Force Drone #shorts

Top 3 Prosumer Drones For Your Drone Startup Business | Gale-Force Drone #shorts

As a startup Drone Business, you may already own a drone and you want to launch your business with what you have. If not, below are your primary considerations when choosing the top 3 prosumer drones for your drone startup business.

1. Determine which type of drone service you plan to pursue.
2. Establish your budget for how much you plan to invest in your equipment.
3. Do your research. Identify the drone that best matches the service you want to provide within your set budget.
4. Seek guidance; I am happy to assist you in deciding on the proper gear.

The sole purpose of this channel, as well as my BLOG site at is to help educate all of you guys and gals like me that are looking for a change in career, a side gig, or to simply monetize their drone hobby.
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