top 10 military drones in the world | Top 10 combat military drones | best drones 2021 | best drone

top 10 military drones in the world | Top 10 combat military drones | best drones 2021 | best drone

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Smash 2000 plus anti drone system | top 10 combat military drones | Israel anti drone system | india anti drone system | india israel anti drone system | best military drones in the world | combat drones | top 10 military drones | best drones 2021 | best drone | israel smash 2000 anti drone | best drone 2021,top 10 military drones in the world /top 10 military drones 2021

In this video we have described about the anti drone system of israel that india is going to purchase after the attack on jammu airport . Smash 2000 plus is the effective and deadliest anti drone system of israel.
It has played a key role to destroy incendiary balloons and drones of hamas during israel hamas war.
We have also described about the top 10 most powerful military combat drones in the world

Hello Friends The recent drone attacks in Jammu airport have created panic in the Ministry  of Defense and it is feared that if such drone attacks in the future will continue to be done by  Chickenhearted Pakistanis, then they will have to answer 
in their own language. The ministry is gearing up   speculation are coming out that defense ministry is going to procure
israeli anti drone system for indian military and  Airforce we shall discuss complete analysis of this topic as well as will discuss  about world’s top ten most destructive and powerful 
Drones it’s Vikram Singh Welcome to Globalmaniac. let’s  start, friends, we are going to talk about ISRAELI SMASH 2000 plus anti drone system, which will soon be inducted in indianmilitary and airforce which is capable of creating panic in the hearts of the masters of Pakistani terrorist organizations. Indian Navyalready has Smash 2000 fire control system, this Smash 2000 plus anti drone system is mainly installed in AK-47 and A-203 rifles  It would be able to hit any moving 
targets like drones ,incendiary Balloons easily upto a range of 120 meters 
Smash 2000 plus is the advanced electro-optic  Sight system due to which it has the ability 
to hard kill the target even in bad weather  and at night with the extreme accuracy now it hasn’t been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense that  whenwill they procure smash 2000 plus anti drone system and by when will its first
procurement reach  To Indian military and airforce let’s see the top ten most destructive combat drones of the worldAt 10th ranking is of TAI ( TURKISH AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES) AKSUNGUR drone this is a medium  altitude long endurance drone it is said that it has a endurance of 40 hrs it  is currently in prototype stage and is the most powerful of drone of turkey At 9 th ranking Is of China’s WING LOONG II drone it was Included in Chinese military in 2017 it is able to carry 200 kg of laser guided bombs and Missiles. Pakistan and egypt are using this chinese drone for a long period of time At 8 th ranking is of Russia’s Altius drone This is also a  medium altitude long endurance drone Whose first  
flight was done in 2019 and expectations are that 
this year they will include it in the Russian  army it has a endurance of 48 hrs and carry payload upto1000kg, there  is a myth attached to it.basically Altair is a drone development 
program and Altius is the name of the drone it’s because of the  
At 1st ranking is of USA’s XQ – 58A VALKYRIE it has been manufactured for future robotics warfare it is ultra advance drone that can break down any enemy defence I hope frnds that you liked this video don’t forget to like and share this video and subscribe the channel,we shall meet u in next video till thn JAI HIND

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