The World's Best Drone Racer: A 15 Year Old from Australia

The World's Best Drone Racer: A 15 Year Old from Australia

A fifteen-year old Aussie has just been crowned world champion at the World Drone Racing Championships in China. Meet professional drone racer from Brisbane, Rudi Browning.

RUDI, DRONE RACER: Hi, I’m Rudi Browning, I’m 15 years old and I’m a professional drone racer from Brisbane. Drone racing is essentially racing and building drones. I’ve got a soldering iron and a workshop at home. I’ve also got a local park near me where I’m often training and building and fixing and racing. It’s really fun and I enjoy it. I qualified for the FAI world championships in Shenzhen based on an event I went to in Sydney. I placed highly in that event qualifying me for the race in the China. The race in China had over 127 competitors from 34 different countries so there was brutal competition. I’m super happy to have taken away the win.

When I crossed the line in first place I was so overwhelmed and so happy. So much work and dedication has gone into this racing. I’ve had a lot of bad luck and I feel like it’s made this win even sweeter. Back home my parents and a bunch of other friends were watching the livestream on a big tv and apparently it was super intense. Everyone was super happy and yeah, good result.

Drone racing is great for kids from all ages, it’s a good family environment, good community, it’s really fun. In order to start drone racing you need a controller that’s got the two joysticks, and that’s how you control it. You also need a pair of Virtual Reality goggles also known as FPV goggles or First-Person View. That way you can see the camera and what’s happening on the drone live with zero latency, it’s amazing. There’s heaps of Facebook forums and groups and YouTube videos on how to get into it. It’s really accessible because the internet’s got heaps of information, people always want to help you out.

So team Australia also came first in the team racing event. Korea was some fierce competition I knew it’d be close. I’m just so happy to have won and so happy it ended the way it did. There’s a series called DCL the Drone Championships League. There’s 16 races in 8 different countries all around the world, starting in Switzerland. That’s very exciting. Team FPVR and Australia will be representing. Should be a really exciting next year.

I can’t wait to continue with it and see what the future has to hold.


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