The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are Getting a Powerful New Drone Capability

The defense and technology company Logos Technologies, recently announced that the Navy awarded them nearly $7 million for developing and delivering a wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor for use with the Navy’s RQ-21A Blackjack drone.

The award is for proof-of-concept flight tests that will evaluate a version of the company’s BlackKite sensor which the military calls Blackcard.

The RQ-21A is a twin-tailed UAS based on the Integrator unmanned system. It is a successor to Insitu’s ScanEagle, and supports both land and maritime operations.

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    The Target Acquisition and Designation Sights, Pilot Night Vision System is the combined sensor and targeting unit fitted to the Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter. Both systems are independent, but housed together

    TADS contains stabilized electro-optical sensors, a laser rangefinder and laser target designator. The TADS assembly can rotate +/− 120 degrees in azimuth, +30/−80 degrees in elevation and can move independently of the PNVS. The movements of TADS can be ‘slaved’ to the head movements of the helicopter crew to point where they are looking. This allows images from TADS to be projected onto the crew helmet-mounted optical sights, overlaid upon their view of the cockpit and battle space.

    TADS contains a thermographic camera and a monochrome daylight television camera. With the improvements planned with M-TADS in the block III level AH-64D, the monochrome TV-camera is planned to be replaced with a full color camera.

    It also used to contain direct-view optics (DVO) which the copilot/gunner (CPG) could see through the Optical Relay Tube (ORT). But in recently fielded models of the AH-64D the ORT along with the DVO has been removed as it was rarely used. It has been replaced in the co-pilot’s cockpit by a third Multi Purpose Display.

    Mounted above the TADS, the Pilot Night Vision System (PNVS) contains an infrared camera slaved to the head movements of the pilot. PNVS can rotate +/− 90 degrees in azimuth and +20/− 45 degrees in elevation. PNVS has a high rate of movement (120° per second) so as to accurately match the head movements of the pilot.

    The AN/AAQ-37 Electro-optical Distributed Aperture System (DAS) is the first of a new generation of sensor systems being fielded on the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. DAS consists of six high-resolution infrared sensors mounted around the F-35’s airframe in such a way as to provide unobstructed spherical (4π steradian) coverage and functions around the aircraft without any pilot input or aiming required.[1]

    The DAS provides three basic categories of functions in every direction simultaneously:[2]

    Missile detection and tracking (including launch point detection and countermeasure cueing)[3]

    Aircraft detection and tracking (situational awareness IRST and air-to-air weapons cueing)

    Imagery for cockpit displays and pilot night vision (imagery displayed onto the helmet mounted display)


    In electromagnetism, the magnetic susceptibility (Latin: susceptibilis, "receptive"; denoted χ) is a measure of how much a material will become magnetized in an applied magnetic field. Mathematically, it is the ratio of magnetization M (magnetic moment per unit volume) to the applied magnetizing field intensity H. This allows a simple classification of most materials’ response to an applied magnetic field into two categories: an alignment with the magnetic field, χ>0, called paramagnetism, or an alignment against the field, χ<0, called diamagnetism.

    This alignment has several effects. First, the magnetic susceptibility indicates whether a material is attracted into or repelled out of a magnetic field. Paramagnetic materials align with the field, so are attracted to the magnetic field. Diamagnetic materials are anti-aligned, so are pushed away from magnetic fields. Second, on top of the applied field, the magnetic moment of the material adds its own magnetic field, causing the field lines to concentrate in paramagnetism, or be excluded in diamagnetism.[1] Quantitative measures of the magnetic susceptibility also provide insights into the structure of materials, providing insight into bonding and energy levels. Furthermore, it is widely used in geology for paleomagnetic studies and structural geology.[2]

    Fundamentally, the magnetic moment of materials comes from the magnetism of the particles they are made of. Usually, this is dominated by the magnetic moments of electrons. Electrons are present in all materials, but without any external magnetic field, the magnetic moments of the electrons are usually in some way either paired up or randomized so the overall magnetism is zero (the exception to this usual case is ferromagnetism). The fundamental reasons why the magnetic moments of the electrons line up or don’t can be very complex, and can not be explained with classical physics. However, it is a useful simplification to simply measure the magnetic susceptibility of a material, and apply the macroscopic form of Maxwell’s equations. This allows classical physics to make useful predictions without getting into the underlying quantum mechanical details


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