The Societal Impact of Drones and Their Impact on Society

The Societal Impact of Drones and Their Impact on Society

Today, drones’ impact on society has become undeniable. The growing uses of drone technology are immense but there is a balance between positive uses of technology and privacy. This video explains the societal impact of drones from racing to firefighting to courier services and to the Drone Racing League.

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Unmanned aerial systems are affecting us in a bold way that no one could have predicted, given their ubiquitous presence not only in many different industries but also in the domestic garages of hobbyists.

Current registered drone owners are estimated to be over 770,000 in the US alone—a number that makes one ask, how will drones affect the future?

Here are many of the societal impacts that drones are making
Creating careers for drone pilots
Problem of poaching
Safety on the roads
Agriculture – Precision Farming
Home Deliveries and Courier Services
Reduction of green gas emission and energy use
Delivery of medicine and medical supplies
The way we teach students
Oil companies monitoring pipelines
Real Estate
Entertainment – TV and Movies
Police and Law Enforcement
Fire Fighting
Search and rescue operations
Anti-cheating drones
Gaming – Drone Racing Leagues
4G Coverage for Rural Areas
Drone Taxis
Inspecting Bridges
Underwater Vehicles
Detect, detonate and disable mines
Recon amphibious insertion
Anti-Submarine Warfare
Rescue operations
Exploring the marine world
Map the ocean floor
National Security
Maritime Surveillance
Home & Business Security
Military Operations
Food Deliveries
Disaster Relief
Insurance claims

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