The Future of Warfare

The Future of Warfare

The Future of Warfare::
In the past, predictions about future warfare have often put too much emphasis on new technologies and assumed only one country would have access to them. In the 19th century the speedy victory of the Prussian army over France convinced European powers that rapid mobilizations by rail, quick-firing artillery, and a focus on blitz-attacks would make wars short and decisive. Those ideas were proven wrong at the beginning of the first world war. Countries went in already celebrating the war, thinking that it would be quick and painless. But the four years of trench warfare on the western front proved them wrong.

Then, in the 1930’s it was believed that the aerial bombardment of cities would prove devastating enough to prompt almost immediate surrender. But England’s refusal to give in after years of bombardment from the Luftwaffe once again proved them wrong.

And when America demonstrated in the first Gulf war what a combination of its precision-guided munitions, surveillance, space-based communications, and stealth technology could achieve, many people assumed that in the future the West would always be able to rely on swift, painless victories. But after the terrorist attacks on 9-11, and a decades-long conflict in the middle east, the changing landscape of war proved once again difficult to predict.

In this video, we explore what the future of warfare will look like based on present day trends. Things like decentralized weapon defenses (like China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea), cyberwarfare, increasing urban conflict, and increased domains of conflict.

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