The Drone World Mavic MaXX Mod Kit: Meticulously Designed

Every MaXX Mod Kit comes with a FREE professionally installed Mavic drone skin wrap. Our wraps are the only skin wraps that cover the entire drone using 3M quality vinyl with a textured feature; Feel the difference!

Get the Mavic Pro MaXX Mod kit here:

The highly anticipated DJI Mavic MaXX Mod Kit is here after 9 months of engineering. Meticulously designed, the kit has the world’s first ever “Hot-Swap” triple antenna system featuring the industry’s most respected antenna designs. The kit doesn’t stop there. It amasses all the accessories you need and none of the eBay parts you would have ended up just of throwing away.

Or send in your drone and remote to have Drone World perform a MaXX Mod Antenna Upgrade and we’ll install the carbon fiber skin wrap for FREE.

See the Maxx Mod Antenna Upgrade here:

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  1. Jy Byrd on December 6, 2020 at 9:42 pm

    What the product name of that range extender gear? That looks dope

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