1. Руслан Байрамов on September 1, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    Flowers are growing in my garden.
    Yes, because I love.
    I love watering them in the morning.
    Yes, I love helping a friend.
    Yes, I will always help my brother.
    I will help Father and Mother.
    I will help all people will be strong.
    I feed the poor.
    And I’ll dress a beggar.
    I will dress anyone I can dress.
    Yes, I wish health to all patients.
    I wish people all prosperity and good.
    I wish happiness to all people.
    I wish good health to all patients.
    And believers want to believe.
    Yes, God is one.
    And I believe in God, as people believe in happiness.
    Yes, everything is given to people by God.
    It is given to love and even to kill.
    Those who attacked with weapons in their hands.
    Yes man he has to protect himself.
    If you don’t protect yourself, you can’t protect your family.
    And that means you can’t protect your homeland either.
    And that means you give.
    Father and Mother sister and brother sister and brother.
    Neighbor and neighbour.
    And future descendants.
    And you can’t protect the human race.
    Why do you need.
    Walk and talk.
    Or maybe you wanted to kill us all.
    Well, you will become my enemy.
    And that means God.
    Yes, God alone does not like to kill.
    After all, if God wanted to kill us.
    I would have killed everyone.
    He told us I love you.
    I love everyone who loves me.
    Yes, I created you all from clay and melodious.
    When I created you all.
    There were confessions of the universe.
    You were recognized by the stars, you were recognized by the sky.
    All my creations recognized you.
    But he did not recognize only you.
    Evil Satan.

  2. Louis Styrzo on September 1, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    Yes best drones but they still need a pilot can I have a human brain what does that tell you that no machine no equipment no weapon is more dangerous than man himself and Putin is the most dangerous man and powerful man in the world and it looks like no weapons machine jet submarines can stop him so the dangerous weapon in the world is mankind himself

  3. Benjamin Gal-Or on September 1, 2022 at 9:03 pm

    NATO-USAF: "Benjamin Gal-Or and Wolfgang Herbst have influenced the direction of fighter aircraft design. Their technology will offer new challenges. Solving the problems that emerge involves questioning established doctrines, reaching for innovative & imaginative solutions."
    NATO Report RTO-TR-015 AC/32 involve3/(HFM-015)/TP-1,
    Vectored Propulsion, Supermaneuverability and Robot Aircraft

    These Original Trade Secrets have been protected since April 2, 1986 by Israel-Jerusalem-Patent Office as OTS-78402, next taken by US on 10/6/1986 for ATF YF-22 v. YF-23 competition in 1992.

    YF-23 lost for its designers did not know OTS-78402 on STALL-FREE, STEALTH, JET-ENGINES-STEERING, JES, aka SUPERMANEUVERABILITY, or Thrust Vectoring Flight control, TVFC.
    Some designs have become unclassified by media, governments, etc. from 1986 to 2022:

    1) S-Shaped inlets to hide compressor front from front radars, with added stealth lips, front hub, painted inner/outer stealth-layers (still classified).

    2) a) Rectangularly split nozzle (for single-engine A/C) with mechanical or fluidic deflected jets under Rotational Physics Momentum Conservation Principles.

    b) An additional deflecting ring for rounded end-D-nozzles, or by deflecting the entire C-D Nozzle or in non-axial-aligned-Jet-Engines.

    How our 1990 book Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy replaces dark energy/dark matter? [‘in]

    Galaxies encircled by radiation-pressure-ousted-star-rings (Halo, etc.) of so-ousted outer-stars, reveal extra expansion of the Universe (discovered in 1998), compact others inside Large Intergalactic Voids, LIV, which REPLACE DARK-ENERGY/MATTER, first stage by Borlaff’s revived Hubble records. [‘in’], in short replacing these no-show, no-science, popular stories, which in vain try to explain the 1998 DISCOVERY of verified accelerating expansion of the Universe [CPP]..

    Reactions by Worldwide Acclaims:

    "I continue to reflect, again and again, on your central thesis that the verified expansion of the universe is the origin of all asymmetry in physics and the origin of life. "What an ingenious phrase is your opinion on scientists who "Smuggle irreversibility in without declaring the contraband"

    John Archibald Wheeler, Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University, where Einstein had worked.

    "Benjamin Gal-Or is a man with a message. His book "Cosmology, Physics, and Philosophy" will appeal to scientists of all disciplines who are prepared to open their minds. It shines a welcome light in some dark corners of science "
    New scientist.

    "I Know no better modern expression of science, philosophy & classical humanism, than that of Gal-Or’s Book"

    This is a great book, and an exciting book, readable, worth reading and enlightening",
    The Great Philosopher, Sir Karl Popper..

    "We are all Gal-Orians" Editor, Foundations of Physics
    One free book for all students is "CCCC",
    Core Curriculum Cultural Course.

  4. 𝐀𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐚 on September 1, 2022 at 9:06 pm

    Subscribed to your channel!

  5. Alp Poke on September 1, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    Images are not belong to TAI Aksungur. It’s Anka.

  6. Vladimir Korenak on September 1, 2022 at 9:24 pm


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