Song For The FAA Recreational Drone Regulations

This song is all about the new FAA recreational drone regulations. Many of the regulations are immortalized in the lyrics. The regulations actually came out in December, 2015, so it took a while to write and record the song, sorry about that. For those of you out there who only learn about federal regulations through YouTube comedy music videos, our heartfelt apologies for the lateness of our posting. We hope you’ve been avoiding harsh outcomes from your rampant and unadulterated recreational drone usage due to your ignorance about the published regulations due to our decision in February not to publish a previously recorded although substantially less well-produced rendition of the song.

From hence forth, hereby stay aware of the rules and be safe.

“Song For The FAA Recreational Drone Regulations”
Written and performed by Matt Dundas
Produced by Trystan Matthews at Laetoli Music, New York City

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