Should YOU buy the DJI FPV Drone? A Pros & Cons Breakdown

Should YOU buy the DJI FPV Drone? A Pros & Cons Breakdown

If you’re wondering if you should get DJI’s first ever FPV drone, here is a video breaking down if it’s worth it for you or not. Thank you @NewBeeDrone for bringing me out to test fly the craft with you!

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  1. Siamect on January 7, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    This DJI FPV dron is nothing but an orgy in bad design combined with a terrible business model:
    Wrong material, breaks at lame crashes. Why don’t they just use carbon fiber that has proven crash resistant since years. DJI could easily have done this but they didn’t.
    The arms can be replaced but the body is likely to be damaged which render the drone irreparable.
    Camera not well protected and… one axis gimbal 🙂
    The SSD slot is in the front!
    Battery costs 5 times as much as what is reasonable and you would need at least 3.
    Charger is rudimentary and doesn’t show any information about the conditions of the cells. This is unsafe. Always charge in a fireproof environment. DJI batteries are not magically safer than any other battery!
    DJI batteries is communicating with the flight controller and is having firmware that not only is updating when you last want it … before you can take off … and probably make it impossible to use third-party batteries.
    The flight time is not 20 minutes. It is more like half that if you fly like grandma drives her car and probably 5-6-minutes for active acro mode flying which is about the same as you get if you take a 5 inch freestyle quad with a GoPro and load a big battery. In stark contrast to the DJI FPV drone, this setup, despite being too heavy, will get you decent performance too. In contrast… My friend has a 5 inch with lion batteries that does 25 minutes carrying a GoPro Session and 32 minutes without the GoPro. It also performs very well.
    Some spare parts are unavailable which means you need to use purchase the "Care" policy from DJI and it is only available during the first 48 hours after registration.
    The "Care" policy is only usable once and you will still have to pay tons of money to use it! Which means that if you destroy a motor that would cost 10 dollars to replace if it was available as a spare part, now you need to use the "Care" and pay over 400 dollars and get a refurbished drone back. And now the "Care" is gone!
    The panic button is not a DJI invention. It can be setup on any drone in iNav if you have GPS and baro sensor. I did it 2 years ago. In Betaflight you will lack the position and altitude hold but you can get a similar effect switching to stabilized mode. This has been done years ago. Besides, since the fpv community has had this feature for so long time we also see the limitations of it. It will not stop you from crashing. The truth is that when you need to flip that switch, it is almost always too late and you crash anyway. And as far as I have seen on videos the DJI FPV drone reacts pretty slowly to the panic button compared to what my iNav setup did which is probably a tune/performance issue which you have no control over since DJI has blocked these parameters.
    The arrows pointing home is a bad copy of features that has been available in Betaflight and iNav for years.
    Geo-fencing and altitude limits. You don’t need it and it should be possible to permanently disable it.
    Under-powered, the motors are too small.
    The weight is too high for the propeller size. A drone of this weight should have 6 or 7 inch propellers otherwise the disk-loading get too high and the performance is not good.
    No way of charging many batteries simultaneously unless you but many chargers. The charger tha is supplied by DJI make you think it is possible but it will only charge one battery at a time! This is just a DJI scam! I mean why on earth do they provide a multiple charger that is charging one battery at a time only? Ok for the fact that is is switching to the next battery when the first one is ready but it still takes too long time.
    No easy way to carry a GoPro!
    The FPV camera need to be in low resolution mode to get usable latency. This also affect the recording so if you want to fly acro mode you can only get 1080p resolution!
    And if you finally get your GoPro installed on the drone, you still cannot tune it for decent performance with the additional mass, because DJI blocked those parameters.
    Way too expensive. The drone itself costs over 700 dollars. You get better performance form any RTF/RTB 200 dollar drone.
    Depending on DJI software updates. The DJI Spark all of a sudden lost the expo setting menu in the app!… What?! You don’t need that kind of screw-ups!
    The digital goggles has be proven very unreliable, You cannot use you old goggles and you cannot use your old controller.
    It also means that the entire set, drone, controller, batteries, chargers, goggles etc is completely unusable once you have learned to fly in acro mode and you realize you want a real FPV quad.
    Then you need to buy every single component again…

  2. Jay Boddie on January 7, 2022 at 12:54 pm

    My first drone was a tiny go it broke and also due to the intense learning curve I was discouraged. I’m leaning towards getting the fpv DJI the only problem is the durability however it seems that the common causes of damage are the arms which can be replaced but $1,300 is a very high did mention in one of your other videos though that this hobby has a high earning potential so if I did get this drone I’m definitely going to use it to make my money back for sure what’s your thoughts on this though thanks

  3. MasterP DJ on January 7, 2022 at 12:59 pm

    The DJI FPV Pro2 is already in the works as we all know how DJI works

  4. Siamect on January 7, 2022 at 1:16 pm

    Funny you sat that DJI goggles is dominating the market… I know a bunch of FPV pilots that flies often… Not a single one is using DJI goggles!

  5. Drew Abbott on January 7, 2022 at 1:17 pm

    I’m so glad you think this as I’m a complete novice gland just purchased one. I know there expensive but like you said you get everything you need and it’s top end. I will live in the simulator now for a few weeks 😂 tho I hope they make the controller compatible with self build as I’d love to process to one I’ve built one day. Tho buy the day that come they will probably be all pre built 😂.

  6. Malachi Brown on January 7, 2022 at 1:21 pm

    Thank you for getting us hip Kai

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