Our drone gear & accessories for commercial operations

Our drone gear & accessories for commercial operations

Spending 2 weeks on the road for a commercial #drone operation through 3 states of Australia. Here is a wrap-up of the gear we used and why!

Job Brief:
The objective was to update the client’s image and video database along the rail corridor. The shots included local towns, rail, roads, level crossings etc. We shot at around 30 locations/ stops per day over the length of the trip covering close to 7000kms!

See here for the list of gear we used: https://kit.co/UAVISUALS/on-the-road-gear-accessories-for-commercial-work

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— Frequently Asked Questions —

What do you do for a living?
I am a commercial drone photographer, filmmaker & creator. This means brands and companies use our services to provide aerial solutions & content. My clients include luxury resorts, tourism departments, NFP, local & national governments and Film & TV production companies.

Why this channel?
Always loved getting in front and behind a camera (film nerd). Youtube gave me the opportunity to keep this obsession going and an outlet to just be myself, share my knowledge and have fun!

Where are you from?
Malaysian born, grew up in Perth, now live in Melbourne Australia but consider myself as a citizen of the earth. We will probably meet at an airport.

What gear do you use?
Not the brand loyal type, just what works well! …but currently, Sony A7Sii/ Nikon D610/ DJI Inspire 2/ Phantom/ Mavic pro/ various bits & bobs. See my gear here: http://bit.ly/2masfgI

Are you sponsored?
No, but I have several affiliated brands that I collab with from time to time. If you want to sponsor me hit us up 😉 info@uavisuals.com

UAVisuals (Unmanned Aerial Visual Solutions) is fast becoming Australia’s preferred drone photography and cinematography specialists. We work on content creation for brands globally as well as workshops and training.

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    What is that orange case? Did you say Data?

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    What about drone battery charging on the road?

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