More concerned by toy drones in UK than killer drones in Middle East?

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Within the past day, the all-party parliamentary group on drones met to discuss the increasing use of the unmanned weapon, as Britain increases the presence of armed drones in Iraq and Syria, carrying out airstrikes and surveillance missions. But back in the UK, the use of drones has also increased, with the number of permits issued allowing flying of drones increasing by 80% this year. The British Airline Pilots’ Association, or BALPA, is now demanding stricter regulation of our airspace, after concerns that whilst there are over 350 authorised operators in the UK, there could be many thousands more unmanned aerial vehicles being flown by members of the public without correct authorisation. It seems the military are far less worried about the drones causing swathes of destruction across the Middle East than lightweight, unarmed toys flown in Britain.

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  1. Colin Hammill on June 14, 2020 at 7:24 am

    Bang goes any radio controlled toys this Christmas (if I`m still allowed to say Christmas)

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