Master Lecture: Small UAS & Delivery Drones – Challenges & Opportunities w/ Dr. Inderjit Chopra

Dr. Inderjit Chopra received his Sc.D. (Aero & Astro) from MIT in 1977 and joined NASA Ames/Stanford University Joint Institute of Aeronautics & Acoustics before joining the University Maryland as a faculty member in 1981. He has worked on various fundamental problems related to aeromechanics of helicopters including aeroelastic stability, active vibration control, composite blades, rotor head health monitoring, aeroelastic optimization, smart structures, micro air vehicles, and comprehensive aeromechanics analyses.

The complete technical rules for the GoFly Prize can be found at: These rules control and there are many different designs that have the potential to successfully meet the GoFly parameters.

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  1. Murat O on December 3, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    Thanks for insight on the pros and cons of designs.

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