Local manufacturers of commercial drones in spotlight

Local manufacturers of commercial drones in spotlight

상업용 드론산업 업체 해마다 증가
From transporting blood pints to undertaking surveillance missions, the potential of drones is considered endless.
So for this week’s IT and Science Front, we take a closer look into a local manufacturer that specializes in providing drones for commercial use.
Kim Ji-yeon has this report.

It’s a daunting task to water thousands of square meters of agriculture land on a hot summer day.
But that may no longer be the case,… thanks to the Air-FOX-one-A model,… which can fly over 13-thousand-200 square meters of land with one single charge.
In fact, the drone can cover a total of 396-point-7-thousand square meters of land in a single day.

“Specialized drones are increasingly being developed to meet public health and safety needs, including this drone… which is used to help prevent aviation disasters and distribute pesticides.”

This latest model by local drone manufacturer Kascom is 155 centimeter-long and weighs 32 kilograms… and costs around 61-point-7-thousand U.S. dollars,… meaning that it is not the kind of drone used by the average consumer for entertainment and leisure purposes.
But there’s continuous demand for this unmanned vehicle… says CEO of Kascom, Kim Ki-duk… adding that the market for commercial drones are growing at a fast pace.
The company says it expects to reach more than 3-point-5-million dollars in sales by the end of the year… that’s four times the amount it had earned just last year.

“Our buyers, who are running business owners, seek reliable drones that have high durability and safety standards and can withstand harsh weather and flight conditions. We guarantee that our drones can be effectively operated at any time of the year, as long as the drone pilot is properly trained to determine the appropriate level of flight altitude, speed and carrying capacity on a day-to-day basis.”

Using his decade-long experience working as a full-time helicopter pilot… the CEO says Kascom is one of the country’s first startups that provides custom-made commercial drones that weigh more than 16 kilograms.
Its business model is geared toward increasing customer satisfaction, and services are tailored to the specific needs of its clients.
Also, all of the company’s customers are provided with a 3-week, 20-hour drone pilot curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
As an insurance policy, the company also provides back-up drones in case of product malfunction.
And because the company says its tailored business platform is in high demand overseas… it is planning to export its products to China and Southeast Asian countries starting next year.

On the back of government deregulatory initiatives and financial support, the number of local manufacturers of commercial drones increased six-fold from 2013 to more than 7-hundred.
The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning announced plans to set aside 37-point-3-million dollars starting in 2017… to build traffic management and surveillance systems for the safe passage and technological development of drones.
The ministry also simplified the authorization process of efficiency tests when companies install 5G radio command stations for drones. In other words, what used to take up to six months will now take a maximum of eight weeks or less for government approval.
It also abolished the country’s ten-milliwatt electromagnetic frequency limit to allow frequency distances of up to two-hundred milliwatts.
The global drone industry as a whole was estimated to be worth 5-point-3-billion dollars 2 years ago, but now, it is expected to grow into a 12-and-a-half billion dollar-industry by 2023.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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