Kids Drones: 5 Fast Facts

Kids Drones: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. Kids drones are a condensed version of the typical drones used for recreation by adults. A drone is considered an “unmanned aerial vehicle.” There are other uses for the word, but this is the one that many people think of when considering a drone. The military uses drones for surveillance and other operations. They operate via an on board computer system and can be controlled from the ground. A kids drone is a recreational machine that is powered much the same way but on a smaller scale.

Fact #2. Some are designed to be simple to use and can fly or hover above the ground at varying speeds. Some can even perform tricks and flips through the air and have a long range for continuous outdoor use. Most kids drones are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Fact #3. Some kids drones are equipped with attractive LED lights so they can be flown at night. Many require FAA registration depending on how high they fly and the areas in which they are used. They are built with long-range transmitters and multiple flight modes so they can be easily controlled. Some have a significant learning curve. These can be frustrating to operate at first even when following the instructions. They are often built to withstand bumps and crashes and can be repaired with included spare parts.

Fact #4. Even with kids drones, you should consider your surroundings. You’ll want to give your neighbors courtesy and privacy. Set boundaries with your child regarding the drone. You should also check the local laws to ensure that drones are legal in your area.

Fact #5. Learning to operate a drone young can lead to jobs. Nowadays they are used for a variety of purposes. They perform geographic surveys, road patrols, media, photography, anti-piracy, and many other functions. Some companies like Amazon are experimenting with using drones to make deliveries on customer purchases. By the time your child grows up, there will likely be even more uses.

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