How to Get Your Drone License (and Become an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot)

How to Get Your Drone License (and Become an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot)

In this video, we’ll walk through how to get your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate to fly your drone for commercial use in the United States.

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0:00 B-Roll Footage & Introduction
0:38 Do I need a drone license?
1:24 How long does the drone certification process take?
2:00 What’s on the FAA drone exam?
2:58 Do I need to know how to fly a drone?
3:34 How much does a drone license cost?
4:31 How can drones benefit me or my team?

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  1. Janaki Rama on April 25, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    Too much price

  2. Supernova71288 on April 25, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    I have a question about the industries surrounding drone piloting. Given that it seems to be utilized primarily for aerial photographs and videos, would having a BFA in photography be an enticing addition to one’s resume in this field?

  3. Goldenstandard on April 25, 2022 at 6:16 pm


  4. Zale's H3 on April 25, 2022 at 6:17 pm

    are course lessons update?

  5. Ed Peve on April 25, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    Hey Coach I have a 5g smartphone and I’m trying to get my new ffa registration and it’s not letting me in to the drone zone is there another way to get in?

  6. Brad Burggraf on April 25, 2022 at 6:23 pm

    If I decide to get into this what drone do you recommend and what would it cost?

  7. Colton English on April 25, 2022 at 6:24 pm

    Now in georgia you only need a uas if your flying above 400 feet is that correct

  8. MrEffectfilms on April 25, 2022 at 6:25 pm

    Nearly $500 just to take the test, then another $500-$2000 for the drone itself…..why does everything have to be so expensive 😫.

  9. Saul Garcia on April 25, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    How much is the drug test

  10. MrFrankEast on April 25, 2022 at 6:32 pm

    UAV Coach I have quick question, is it enough to have my license and then aggressively put myself out there for work? I have 0 experience but know I could do this type of work, and do it well. Purchase my own equipment and get my license. Is it viable for the US?

  11. Sam Bumanglag on April 25, 2022 at 6:32 pm

    is there any difference between this program vs. the Pilot Institute ? I’m weighing out a suitable program that’s got legitimate tech support for beginners . also: thanks for keeping it all " simple ". ( I lose interest with overwhelming heaps of Jargon that only Einstein can relate to ..) thanks

  12. Fuentes De agua on April 25, 2022 at 6:34 pm

    I’ve never flew a drone neither have idea how to and I was about to finance my first one through eBay but because of the city where I live I thought I’ve need certain king of permits or something to operate a drone in this area so would love to get my pilot certificate
    I live in Los Angeles ca where and when can I take the course ?

  13. - DéVeon - on April 25, 2022 at 6:36 pm

    What song is playing at the beginning of the video?

  14. ABDUL SHARIF on April 25, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    Great Video

  15. V J on April 25, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    How about a Senior discount?

  16. Don Rumsey on April 25, 2022 at 6:38 pm

    Buy the test prep book on Amazon for $18. If you have aviation experience and can read & comprehend – you’re golden. These are parasitic outfits…. Be smart.

  17. Anselmo Hil on April 25, 2022 at 6:39 pm

    Does the company have any course or information tailored to already FAA certified pilots? Just wondering. Maybe a crash course on additional information or knowledge needed for pilots under Part 61 in order to become drone pilots. I’am aware that the FAA has info on their site but it would benefit current pilots and the company expanding. But overall great info, for someone new to drones. Thanks.

  18. Bill Fearheller on April 25, 2022 at 6:42 pm

    Have you updated your study course to reflect the new rules?
    Can you explain what the rules will be after March 1, 2021?
    If I put off my retest until it is free, do I have to start all over with the license or does it go on hold until I retest and pass? Any penalties?
    Will your course include the information on RID that is coming even though it is not the rule until a few months down the road?
    My 2 year retest is due in February. I would like to put of the retest until it becomes free.

    Thank you,
    Bill Fearheller

  19. Yibai bashimu on April 25, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    Can non-US citizen foreigners get the license and, assuming they hold the correct visa, fly commercially in the US?

  20. Rob Peters on April 25, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    Seems like a pretty cool career, after your liscenced your considered a pilot ? Can you fly an unmanned aircraft of any size ?

  21. Jim T on April 25, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    Did i just watch an advertisement ?

  22. Gregory Smith on April 25, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    Do I need to have my Part 107 certificate to sell photos or videos taken with my drone? That falls under "commercial", correct?

  23. Chocoplayz on April 25, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    Is using the drone to make YouTube videos recreational or part of the 107

  24. Joshua Hay on April 25, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    Doesn’t seem as bad as my 4 hour Sans GCIH test. Nice side hustle to get into

  25. Top Vagabonds on April 25, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    This video is very helpful ! Thank you 🙂

  26. brandon garrison on April 25, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    🤔I’m gonna look into it

  27. Edsa.CA_a division of BOSSS Inc. on April 25, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    It there a FAA Test Centre near Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

  28. Alejandro Flores on April 25, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    Is there any way to take the FAA test remotely due to the current pandemic or is it obligatory to physically attend to a FAA center?

  29. c Paytonn on April 25, 2022 at 6:53 pm

    This is definitely something that I’m going to try to get into. Thanks for the video!

  30. Memes4202 on April 25, 2022 at 6:55 pm

    As of right now, I am 14 years old, going on 15 in a few months. I know that is not old enough to take the test or get my license but I was wondering about ways I could prepare for when I am able to. I have always found interest in drones and the many different ways they can be used so it seems like it might be a nice carer path.

  31. Shamara Collins on April 25, 2022 at 6:56 pm

    Hey Guys – Really informative video and great options. But, what is the difference between UAV Couch and Drone Pilot Ground School? Is there any?

  32. Goose on April 25, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    I have a Private pilot license but I heard that I can convert to a Drone license (RePL) COULD YOU EXPLAIN HOW TO DO IT?

  33. NEOTV on April 25, 2022 at 7:01 pm

    any free book to study ?? thanks and for this video

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