In this video, I teach you how to fly a DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone…This video can also be for people just wanting some entertainment in their lives because….you may find it entertaining also:)) (OPEN FOR FAQ’s)

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A: First off; no, it isn’t connected to my controller. It is connected to my MacBook Pro simply so that I can record my iPhone screen with Quicktime Player. I do this because, at the time of recording this video, there were not any natively supported solutions to record an iPhone screen.

Q: What app is that? Why does mine not look the same?
A: The app is “DJI GO” and is used to connect to any DJI drones. The app is supported on both iPhone and Android. However, they do appear different between the two operating systems so that may be why your app looks different.

Q: Where are the recorded videos stored?
A: It really depends on your drone. For the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, they are located on a micro SD card which is placed in the camera of the drone itself that stores all the videos/photos recorded. The drone when you first buy it comes with a free included 8GB micro SD card :).

Q: How did you shoot in 4K from a 2.7k camera? What are your camera settings?
A: The simple answer is I didn’t. The reason that this video is in 4K is due to the 2.7K footage being upscaled to 4K. The main camera I used to shoot this video, an iPhone 7, was used to record native 4K footages to that is why those parts of the video look so crispy ;). As for camera settings, I just used the standard automatic settings and I didn’t change any color profiles or any other options in settings. Also, I didn’t add any color grading in post. This is just all videos directly from the drone itself.


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