FAA Drone Rules You Should Know. Flying Safely in 2022

FAA Drone Rules You Should Know. Flying Safely in 2022

In this video, Retired state trooper and commercial helicopter pilot Stephen Mazzagatti discusses
the nine (9) rules you should know before flying your drone in 2022. Flying for fun (recreation) and commercial flying (part 107 drone license) discussed. Steve also discusses faa dronezone, b4ufly app, aloft app, laanc approval, and how to register your drone with faa, airspace rules and how high to fly your drone. He also discusses the 9 rules you must follow to be considered a recreational flyer, Community Based Organization (CBO), Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), Visual Observer (VO), First Person View (FPV), FPV Goggles, DJI Mavic 2 Pro Zoom, DJI Phantom 4 Pro. He also talks about Advisory Circular 91-57B, 49 USC 44809 (exception under Part 107), faa enforcement, TRUST program, Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs). Steve also discusses the DJI drones he uses for his drone business similar to the DJI mini 3 pro.

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πŸ“’ Show Notes πŸ“’


Rule #1 Fly for Recreation (enjoyment) 2:54
Rule #2 Follow CBO safety guidelines 4:41
Rule #3 Keep drone in visual line of sight 6:22
Rule #4 Give way to and don’t interfere with manned aircraft 7:27
Rule #5 Fly at or below 400′ in controlled airspace with authorization only 8:22
Rule #6 Fly at or below 400′ in uncontrolled airspace 10:52
Rule #7 Take Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) 11:34
Rule #8 Have current FAA registration marked on your drones 12:04
Rule #9 Do not operate in a dangerous manner 12:48

AC 91-57B 5:25
Part 107 2:15
Part 107, Drone Pilot Ground School 14:24
Exception to Part 107 2:20
LAANC, DroneZone, Aloft App, B4UFLY App 8:40
Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) 10:03

Here’s the link to the Drone Pilot Ground School. Check it out!!


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Helpful FAA links:


USC 44809 – Exception under Part 107 for recreational operations:

Advisory Circular AC 91-57B:

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In this video, Steve discusses 9 faa drone rules to know and follow to fall under the recreational flyer status (and not require a part 107 license). He also discusses obtaining your part 107 license.

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