Evolution of Drone Warfare on the modern battlefield FT. @Justin Taylor ​

Evolution of Drone Warfare on the modern battlefield FT. @Justin Taylor ​

From balloons over ancient cities in 1850 to the USAF MQ-9 Reaper UAV: humans have always been fascinated with autonomous war machines. The US is developing a five kilowatt laser Mobile High Energy Laser gun which can shoot down UAVs from miles away. It also has electronic warfare equipment that can jam a UAVs signal and crash it. They took out dozens of drones in their tests.

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The first examples of what could be considered modern use of drone technology occurred all the way back in the 1950s. In the 60s there was a large gap between the capabilities of spy planes, satellites, and low echelon ground reconnaissance. The answer to this dilemma was the Ryan 147b drone. The pentagon expressed a need for Unmanned aerial vehicles after a series of fatalities involving U.S spy planes, and wanted a way to collect ground data without risking the lives of U2 pilots, which were hard to train, and incredibly expensive to replace. It was the first unmanned aerial vehicle capable of flying over a disputed or dangerous area, gathering information with it’s built in cameras, and safely making its way back to friendly territory to be collected. While collecting information, it could also serve as a decoy against enemy AA, drop munitions on fixed targets, or drop leaflets on enemies for psychological warfare

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    Came for war talk, loved the pamphlets.

  3. just sayen on June 13, 2022 at 7:04 pm

    I feel the defense industry always tries to render the enemies weapons obsolete that being said digging a hole and hiding underground seems to still work.

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    This dude is killing your vids cappy. So dry his humor comes across flat

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    Whooh Cappy, what’s with the keep increasing your responsibilities without increasing your pay.
    I’ve never understood that mindset. When your hired to do a job, any job then you’ve agreed to something.
    How you do the job may change, and is dictated by circumstances.
    It’s just a peave that I have when workers start complaining because some new technologies are introduced that affect how work is performed. Signifies poor attitude to your job. I just cringe when I hear those things. You make great videos, really a lot of information, very professionally presented and entertaining. I’m sure that if something came along that would allow you to make even better videos, you would use it immediately, without expecting to get paid more.

  9. RetiredGuy Adventures on June 13, 2022 at 7:13 pm

    Back in the early 70’s some US Navy destroyers carried "DASH" Drone Anti Submarine Helicopters. They were remotely controlled drone helos that carried torpedo’s. The idea was to locate a hostile sub using sonar and then attack it with these drone helos instead of having to send a ship over to do it. Trouble was the remote control wasn’t real reliable back then. The destroyer I served on didn’t have these but we operated with ships that did have them and we would "always" be at GQ and have the dual 3"/50 cal anti aircraft guns manned and ready in case one of these things went off on it’s own with a live torpedo…

  10. William Young on June 13, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    Drone’s aren’t going to replace tanks…they’re going to replace manned planes and pilots… The F-35 will be piloted by a 20-year-old with an x-box controller on a Nevada air force base, lol.

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    It’s Azerbaijan

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    I think a drone could in theory replace an infantryman.

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    Drones are here forever not just in military life but civilian too. I see Jeff Bezos getting tired of spending 100 +K on pilots and building a huge cargo drone plane and flying Amazon junk around the world. Polos sits in his mom’s basement in NJ launches a drone from china to the US gets it to crushing altitude hits auto pilot the switches to a drone to land is Seattle. Why not? Cappy you got your drone pilots license yet?

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    Your subject matter is fantastic Justin

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    As new technologies emerge, those who control the old weapons, are reluctant to abandone them!
    Gun powder made the sword obsolete. Fixed wing aircraft made the blimp obsolete. The aircraft and aircraft carrier made the battleship obsolete.
    Drones will eventuality make manned aircraft obsolete, or make the plane an auxiliary weapon.
    One day a better weapon will make the drone obsolete or make it inferior for most missions.
    As weapons advance, it will be the countries that invest the most time and money, to find the next quantum leap forward in weapon design that will have a decisive advantage in warfare!
    Countries with governments that allow the freedom to innovate and the prospect of becoming wealthy in the process, will be the incentive to ferret out the weapons of the future, as long as the governments taxes and laws don’t thwart and stifle the creativity of the people who can produce these weapons.

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    Cappy, you have taken your channel to the next level over the past 18 months or so? Its truly impressive and I applaud the work you are doing and I routinely recommend your channel to others. Not only is your personal military experience invaluable, your guests and research on the various topics you cover are top shelf. This video is no different. The idea of the US assassinating our enemies would have been anathema to the general public but a few decades ago, yet is now routine through the use of drones. Rather than this being a state secret, these assassinations are now proclaimed publicly. 

    The US has always had trouble stomaching the deaths associated with war, and the military has never enjoyed accountability and oversight. This has given rise to contractors and special forces whose losses can sometimes go unreported as "top secret" sometimes written off as "training accidents." That said, perhaps we are but a few decades away from wars with zero US casualties where tanks and planes are all drones? Still, I have trouble believing the US completely avoiding eventually putting "boots on the ground," at least at some point in a given conflict.

    Then again, I would have never believed the most popular (supposedly) "4th Estate" channel in the US would be a full-on propaganda arm masquerading as a "news" organization ie Faux "news." But there it is, just like assassinations via drone. I’m a great grandmother and long-standing patriot and supporter of the the troops, but is all the above (and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIpKfw17-yY&t=2s) who we really want to be?


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    I think drones will take over tanks and then we bow before our robot masters!

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    Fun fact protesters in Chile took down a drone with laser pointers

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    Look forward to the day when wars are fought in software simulations and virtual tokens are exchanged between the belligerents.

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    Wow. In light of current events (May 2022) this video is even more interesting. Tanks have been very vulnerable in the Ukraine. Well done Capoy!

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    Each time I’m reminded of the Drone’s history, I’m always amazed to see how far back it goes, to see the prototypes and systems being used in Vietnam really tells the extended story of its development.

    Cheers for the knowledge Cappy 👍

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    I think drones are pussy shit but the military never wants to go into a fair fight so I wouldn’t put it against them if they were to make unmanned kill bots

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    UMMMMM …. Austria was dropping bombs in 1850 using balloons on Venice!! And not on its own capital Vienna! You got that wrong mate! Which is ironic since you are showing a picture of Venice when you mention Vienna.

  37. Mike Goldberg on June 13, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    An interesting use of cheap drones is to deplete the supply of stinger anti aircraft missiles?

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    make the tanks drones too.

  39. hommhommhomm on June 13, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    Remote controlled war equipment is inherently antidemocratic because previously the soldiers would need to be on-board with the ideology enough to risk their lives. If they don’t risk their life and one soldier can "die" in battle hundreds of times and fly in with next machine, only a very small number of skilled pilots can control the entire fleet, meaning concentration of power to small group of military elites. They will probably not replace the humans on ground entirely but will have large enough impact to tip the scales.

  40. Bret on June 13, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    Biggest threat is an over reliance on drones. Drones can be jammed, data links broken and satellites destroyed. We need to make sure we have manned systems that can navigate without GPS and fight without satellite links.

    In the meantime, cash strapped Air Forces, Navy’s and military leaders will try to shift more and more capabilities away from pilots. This will leave us extremely vulnerable when a peer level war occurs and we lose our systems that allow drones to operate with relative impunity of peacetime.

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    More then 2% drone effect

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    Dude you did not call the war in Ukraine a civil war did you????

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    There was no "civil war" in Ukraine. It is russian Invasion since 2014.

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    However you feel about drones, this is a game we have to play. We must control the sky and our soldiers deserve the best technology we can provide.

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    Sorry about the audio error its fixed! Do you think drones will make the tank obsolete or are they over hyped?
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    15E vet here RQ-7b

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