Eachine E58 Folding Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Video

Eachine E58 Folding Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Video

Eachine E58 Folding Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Video – Is this is DJI Mavic clone? Is it not? Well from a cosmetic point of view i would say it looks quite similar. This quadcopter is a nice looking nice feeling folding quadcopter with a domed camera on the front with 4 brushed motors. The LEDs are quite bright and can be seen easily when flying.

This Quadcopter – https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-E58-WIFI-FPV-With-2MP-Wide-Angle-Camera-High-Hold-Mode-Foldable-RC-Drone-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1212232.html?p=83081145795892016056

00:18 – Intro
03:33 – Start Flight with transmitter
06:49 – FPV
08:24 – Flight with Smart Device app
09:55 – Verdict


Brand Name: Eachine
Item NO.: E58
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4ch
Gyro: 6 axis
Motor: 0720 Coreless Motor
Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Lipo (Included)
Transmitter Battery:3 x 1.5 AA battery (NOT Included)
Charging time: 60-70mins
Flying time: 7-9mins
R/C distance: 80-100m
FPV Range: about 30m
Color: Black
Camera: 2MP 720P wide angle, 0.3MP (Optional)
Quad’s Size: 27×19.5x5cm (the arms not folded)
12.5×7.5x5cm (the arms folded)
Quad’s Weight: 96g (with battery)
77.5g (without battery)
Package Size: 18x16x7.5cm
Package weight: 360g


– With foldable arms, small size, easy to carry.
– With altitude hold mode function provides stable flight.
– With wifi function can be connected APP, APK system to take pictures, video, real-time transmission through the phone camera image.
– There have 2 cameras can be choose. With 2.0MP 720P wide angle camera give wide range high denfinition pictures and video.
– With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying .
– With One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home.
– 2.4GHz Technology Adopted for Anti-Interference.
– 4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360°.
– 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control.
– It have 3-level flight speed to switch that can make more fun with the flying.
– The quadcopter fuselage is made of high strength and resistant engineering plastics,lightweight and durable resistance.

GearBest – https://www.gearbest.com/?lkid=11445969

RCMoment – https://goo.gl/sm1zQJ

BangGood – https://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Toys-And-Hobbies-c-133.html?p=83081145795892016056

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Kit I Use:-

GoPRO Session = http://amzn.to/2g3q4fD
Mobius Camera = http://amzn.to/2f1VQqF
RunCam R/C Camera = http://amzn.to/2fLt1j9
DBPower Camera = http://amzn.to/2evBxRG

Quadcopters available from:-

Amazon = http://amzn.to/2fLrKsJ
BangGood = https://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Toys-And-Hobbies-c-133.html?p=83081145795892016056


  1. Ihsan Deeb on September 13, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Lol my younger brother gave me this drone also, it’s my first time ever flying a drone and I flew it indoors. It was crashing in my legs and arms lol 😂 I’m definitely not a pro yet

  2. Bobby Tucker on September 13, 2021 at 10:50 pm

    You said 2 and one half hours to charge each battery!? That’s ridiculous, what about charging the batteries with my phone chargers? They have USB outlets so I can use just about any style cables to charge various batteries. Any input from you on this? Anything would help. For what it’s worth, I’ve left you a thumbs up, a sub, and a click on the bell. This is my first time on your show and I hope to see more of your videos, you give a great detailed explanation on just about everything. Thanks again and keep up the good work(play), lol.

  3. Shay Wells on September 13, 2021 at 10:50 pm

    yah aren’t those antennas fake? that’s what it says in other videos

  4. Navu_The_Boss on September 13, 2021 at 10:51 pm

    Try using the headless and one key return

  5. Elite Division on September 13, 2021 at 10:52 pm

    No sound in mines when recording videos. Why is that?

  6. PROS GAMING on September 13, 2021 at 10:55 pm

    I feel the coldness of the area

  7. Cole Mielcarski on September 13, 2021 at 10:57 pm

    What sd card would be used if you were to use a sd card

  8. TUBAVISION on September 13, 2021 at 10:57 pm

    Bought one from Amazon flown once crashed and now only 3 propellers working.

  9. Ninja Neer on September 13, 2021 at 10:57 pm

    The flips only do side flips you push the bottom once and move right stick to left or right side not up or down or elts little cancel the flip mode so it only does side flips not front or back flips which will cancel the flip mode "just a tip :)"

  10. Remrem 'vlog on September 13, 2021 at 10:58 pm

    What app should be used and also what phone pls reply

  11. FumiyaSugawara on September 13, 2021 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks just order this thru amazon so am hoping to give it a good good. You cover a lot of what it can do, good to know.

  12. kevin pokemon😄 on September 13, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    Try out Wasp drohne in Amazon;)

  13. Time Wasting on September 13, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    It has one key return ?

  14. Marios on September 13, 2021 at 11:01 pm

    It has a gps or not? It has any difference from the drone named jd 19?

  15. Kutti Hustle on September 13, 2021 at 11:03 pm

    You said it does flips how are they like one button or do you pilot

  16. Juan Diaz on September 13, 2021 at 11:03 pm

    They selling this like vistatech drone

  17. Alejandro Collazo on September 13, 2021 at 11:07 pm

    Works great⚍>JustU.Faith/Eachine?貌 It’s fast and it’s pretty light. I like the design; portable and many bright lights on it for afternoons. I also like the live camera but I wish it was clearer. Another thing to consider is the smartphone space/drawer/hook on the remote; it’s medium size and not every phone will fit there ( mine is iphone6s plus and didn’t fit). However, it’s quite good for the value. I like it!

  18. Just Tim on September 13, 2021 at 11:09 pm

    how far can it travel away from your phone?

  19. Top JRS on September 13, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    this is going every where .how to fix on stop on air?

  20. Rohan Nandika on September 13, 2021 at 11:12 pm

    Verrry 😮

  21. paul lee on September 13, 2021 at 11:12 pm

    Are you a really good flyer or is this common?

  22. zarul yakuza on September 13, 2021 at 11:14 pm

    there a good model E58,same me like a …. need change a motor of drone a model e58.

  23. muhd ahlan tasnim on September 13, 2021 at 11:15 pm

    hey jd quad,if it lost connection the drone still fly away or landing automatic?

  24. TrailMix Billy on September 13, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    Feels like junk

  25. Siosifa Nonu on September 13, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    Hey jd, what is the flight time

  26. Kryptic Kiddo on September 13, 2021 at 11:19 pm

    lovely bit of art work in the back 😂

  27. Ethan Smith on September 13, 2021 at 11:21 pm

    Does the camera move up and down

  28. hambob squarepants on September 13, 2021 at 11:22 pm

    Love the penis graffiti in the shot haha

  29. 009 ADVENTURES on September 13, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    oh yes does look a bit scary in 3 at that angle. thanks bud 😀👍

  30. Aaron on September 13, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    Ur beard makes me moist

  31. Navu_The_Boss on September 13, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    great review

  32. Mainely Digger’s Adventures on September 13, 2021 at 11:26 pm

    The antennas are fake; but I love my E58, I just subscribed!

  33. Darth Anakin on September 13, 2021 at 11:29 pm

    How to enable headless mode, cant seen to get it working on my model, it does do the "flute sound"

  34. Dewey Osborne on September 13, 2021 at 11:29 pm

    I bought something similar on TOP HAT auction site. Total price delivered was $35 shipping the rest was a $10 bid. So, $45 total. Delivered on time. 2 batterys. About 1hr 30minuts per battery charge. This drone is very durable.
    When I got it ; After adjustments; it was very very quick. However , after a minute or so it slowed a bit but then was steady through out until battery died and it shut off and crashed in grass. I put the other batter in. What I didnt realize was how the position of the arms were in . Front arms forward and the back arms almost touching the front arms. Oh man , got even quicker. I like this drone. It’s about the size of unfolded hand with arms tucked in. The only issue I have with it , no where in the paper work or on any piece or part has a name of drone or manufacture. No web site nothing. So , much for buying extra batterys and parts. However , it took some looking but I found this video and it’s so close to mine I think I can locate a web site to get parts and extra batterys. So , thank you very much for making this video. Also : there is no on board SD card slot. Well the slot is there but looking inside there is no connection. The phone app works and records. So , all in all. cooI it’s . Also : I’m sure there is no electronic ID on it so buyer beware of laws on this drone with no Identification. You could get in trouble so again beware. Anyway thanks for the video. I’m probably going to Frankenstein it.

  35. Lucky Chevy on September 13, 2021 at 11:30 pm


  36. P F on September 13, 2021 at 11:31 pm

    ha ha! great expose on a junk drone that continues to advertise itself as a "$5000 military quality drone." Congrats on marjinally getting it to fly, rather more like someone drunk, staggering through the skies, with horrible video quality.

  37. Lenny Kay on September 13, 2021 at 11:32 pm

    Wow! Nice video my friend. Keep it up!!!

  38. Josh Farley on September 13, 2021 at 11:34 pm

    These are the fakest, cheapest piece of shit I’ve ever seen! This company is a scam! Do not buy these! They don’t sync correctly, there is no gimbal! It just rotates up or down in which u seen in this video. This is no military grade plastic! I should know, since I spent 8 years in reconnaissance through the US Marine Corps. Trust me! Do not buy! I promise u will regret it!

  39. Hendra Nandra Drone on September 13, 2021 at 11:34 pm

    Like it 👍👍

  40. Winter Monster on September 13, 2021 at 11:35 pm

    Tell me flight time with your experience

  41. Seen on September 13, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    Hey jd aren’t those “antennas” fake?

  42. Dei Thang on September 13, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    I probably will customize my drone.

  43. Skylos Foxtrot on September 13, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    Feel cheap

  44. Randall Underwood on September 13, 2021 at 11:38 pm

    JD great test flight on the E58. I just got mine the other day……learning to handle the controller….and the phone does not fit , with my otter box on…..took my phone out and tried to fly earlier, the sun was so bright, the glare was horrific on my screen……the little dude got away and few into some trees…..ah….but no damage……its a blast flying…..I"m liking this little dude……thanks again, my friend. Oh, by the way, where are you? Scotland, Ireland……looks cold where you are……its summer here….hotter than hades……looking forward to our winter……here is Alabama, USA……take care my friend.

  45. Elite Division on September 13, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    I want to learn to fly this through fpv better! 🙂 I’m an so used to not using it that I always take my eyes off the video. I need to change that bar habbit! Lol.

    I’m ordering a Parrot Beebop 2 this week! And a F11 or Epik as well.

    Mavic Pro down the line.

  46. Jesse Lopez Drones on September 13, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    Awesome 😎

  47. Emmanuel Garcia on September 13, 2021 at 11:46 pm

    You forgot to mention the most important thing what is the flight time

  48. Joe Blow on September 13, 2021 at 11:46 pm

    Drone sucks

  49. Rc cars UK on September 13, 2021 at 11:47 pm

    These remind me of the dji mavic pro (aesthetically)

    Great vid

    Lol, just heard you say the same thing 🤣🤣🤣👍

  50. Tvdeo kbku on September 13, 2021 at 11:48 pm


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