Drones for Oil & Gas Industry 4.0 (INSPECTION & LIDAR AS-BUILT CASE STUDY)

Drones for Oil & Gas Industry 4.0 (INSPECTION & LIDAR AS-BUILT CASE STUDY)

Demonstrating powerful global drone solutions for O&G and Heavy Industries in Indonesia — showcasing LIDAR, Confined Space Drones, and proven GVI Drone Inspection methods. Contact us to learn more www.halorobotics.co.id

Emesent Hovermap LIDAR for (As-Built) Asset Digitalization: quickly scan an accurate 3D “digital twin” of industry assets for CAD modeling and EPC efficiency. High value in greenfield EPC with periodic As-Built scans to keep projects well managed, on-schedule, on-budget. High value in brownfield asset management and EPC, helping to streamline complex work with equipment and service contractors.

Flyability Elios 2 for Close Visual Inspection (CVI): safely and quickly inspect high risk assets (inside and outside), meeting the highest standards for formal CVI requirements — faster, cheaper, and safer, eliminating manned entry or scaffolding. Supermajor IOCs using the Elios 2 drone have reported cuts in scaffolding costs by up to 50-70% in scheduled maintenance and turnaround inspections.

DJI Enterprise Drones for Thermal & General Visual Inspection (GVI): safely inspect assets with High-Res Zoom Camera + Thermal Camera, side by side. Major ROI to quickly and frequently inspect for defects, anomalies, and process bottlenecks — even while the assets are fully operating — across all types of structures, ranging from tanks and pipes, to derricks and flares, onshore and offshore.

Taken together, drone technology is driving massive transformations for improved safety, efficiency and cost reduction in Oil & Gas across a growing range of applications in Maintenance and Asset Integrity Management.

Halo Robotics proudly represents these global technology leaders in Indonesia:
DJI Enterprise (Flagship Drones & Payloads) https://enterprise.dji.com/
Elios 2 (Confined Space Inspection Drone) https://www.flyability.com/
Emesent Hovermap (LIDAR & Autonomy) https://www.emesent.io/
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