DroneMobile Remote Start with Amazon Alexa

DroneMobile Remote Start with Amazon Alexa

DroneMobile is the best connected car solution for controlling your car from ANY smart device.

In today’s video, Bryan goes over how to set up your Alexa device to send remote start and keyless entry commands to your vehicle.

If you’re interested in learning more about DroneMobile, please visit https://www.dronemobile.com and find a retailer near you at https://www.dronemobile.com/find-a-dealer

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  1. Thom Murphy on November 12, 2021 at 10:22 am

    Needs more development, IMO.

    Shouldn’t need to say "Drone Mobile" at all. Battery, temperature, and Aux commands should be added.

    Alerts in/on Alexa would be super useful as well.

    This functionality, even for things that are supported, for me, is hit or miss. More often miss, to the point I don’t even attempt to use its because it’s so clunky and prone to failure.

    Having to say "tell" or "ask" then "Drone Mobile" is cumbersome and old fashioned. Just as it is that Drone Mobile on Alexa can’t recognize my vehicle’s name "Thom’s…", unless I hard pronounce the "H", or rename the vehicle.

    A written list of commands which work should be published. We shouldn’t have to guess based on a few examples.

    I’ve given this feedback before, and it was ignored. Maybe now that you’re making videos to show this functionality off, you’ll consider using some resources take it worthwhile.

    If I could say things like "Alexa, start my car", "Alexa, start Thom’s…", "Alexa, what’s the temperature inside my vehicle", "Alexa, what’s my vehicle’s battery voltage", etc., even if some commands required a PIN, and it worked 99%, of the time, then the functionality would be a HUGE value add. As is, it’s a novelty that is tried, but never used regularly, because it’s it total it’s more inconvenient than helpful.

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