DRONE CRASH! 3DR Solo VS Windmill in 4K

During a recent road trip, we decided to stop and fly our 3DR Solo Drone near a windmill wind farm on the side of the road. What started out to be a gorgeous flight ended badly. At the angle we were at on the ground, it appeared that the drone was far above the windmill (especially when Google told us the max height of most windmills was 328 feet). After several flights through the blades at the max height of 399 feet, it appeared that we were very close to the blades, but were above them. One last pass proved that we were wrong as the windmill blade barely clipped the drone’s motorpod, sending it hurling to the ground. The drone managed to land on a cornfield, which I assume broke its fall. The drone had broken off all of the propellers, and the GoPro had bounced out of the cage, landing five feet from the drone. At first glance the drone looked to be fine, but it later came to reveal that it landed gimbal first, bending the arm severely. Otherwise, the drone seems in working condition, so we hope to be back in the air soon. Learn from our mistake – do not fly near windmills.

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