DIY Racing Drone, Racing Quadcopter, Racing FPV Drone using Naze32, Puda Rooster 230, EMAX Motors

DIY Racing Drone, Racing Quadcopter, Racing FPV Drone using Naze32, Puda Rooster 230, EMAX Motors

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Project Description:
This video is brought to you by Altium. In today’s episode, you will learn how to make a racing drone using Naze32 Flight Controller, EMAX 2nd generation 2600kv motors, 30A ESCs, Flysky Fs-i6 Transmitter and receiver, 5×4.2 inches propellers, and the Puda Rooster 230 Carbon Fiber frame. Before, I am going to explain how to build this racing drone; first, I would like to share with you some useful information which I believe as a beginner you should know.

For the last few months I have been using this Quadcopter frame with different flight controllers to learn the very basics and to improve my piloting skills. Along this journey, I faced so many issues, crashed my drone so many times, burned a couple of motors, and damaged so many propellers. From all these issues and damages I learned a lot of new things which I have already shared with you guys in my previous videos. Just go and watch my videos on CC3D flight controller, KK 2.1.5 Flight Controller, and Naze32 Rev6 Flight Controller. These flight controllers are best for the beginners.

Anyways, with all these flight controllers, I was facing some kind of issues which were stopping me from building this racing drone. Those issues were,
1. Drone Motors twitching
2. Excessive vibrations and oscillations.
3. Drone drifting on the Roll, Yaw, and Pitch axis.


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Naze32 Flight Controller

EMAX 2nd generation 2600kv motors

30A ESCs

Flysky Fs-i6 Transmitter and receiver

5×4.2 inches propellers

Puda Rooster 230 Carbon Fiber frame

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