Commercial Drones Take Flight: Breaking Barriers and Reaching New Heights | Webinar | 2nd Edition

Commercial Drones Webinar featuring Chris Fleming, CEO, Cyberhawk Innovations. This webinar was held on Sep 5th, 2018 and covered the following points.
• What are the megatrends and macro-level factors impacting the global commercial UAV market?
• How different are technologies such as sense and avoid system, LiDAR, camera, autopilot etc. becoming critical for the growth of the overall commercial UAV market?
• What are the current underlying regulatory and technological challenges for commercial UAV market and what role would different industry stakeholders play in the future?
• How is the value chain of the commercial UAV industry shaping up, and how is it going to benefit different stakeholders present in the eco-system?
• How would the commercial UAV business evolve in the future, and what new opportunities are expected to arise in the market?

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