Commercial Drone Solutions for a New Generation of Work | Bill Chen

Commercial Drone Solutions for a New Generation of Work | Bill Chen
Learn about the exciting and cutting-edge drone technologies that are disrupting operational workflows globally from Bill Chen’s talk at Hardware Massive Shenzhen at SimplyWork 2.0

Bill currently works at DJI as an Enterprise Partnerships Manager, specializing in business development and strategic partnerships through leveraging his international work experience across three continents. He is a graduate of the UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and has previously worked in the field of management consulting. He is passionate about the marriage of hardware and software in creating unique technologies that help better the lives of consumers as well as improve the bottom line for enterprises.

This talk covers the unique history of DJI’s founding, growth and development in Shenzhen, as well as deep-diving into the company’s Enterprise (B2B) efforts in recent years. As the UAV industry is pivoting more towards servicing enterprises, what are some of the key challenges that face companies when navigating the commercial drone industry both domestically and abroad?

Utilizing drones is a great way to collect commercial and industrial data and insight. Data collected by drones are processed through using analytics software and onboard computers. Some of the industries that could need drone hardware in the future include construction, public safety, infrastructure, agriculture, and energy. However, companies should also consider some factors that can disrupt operational workflows when using drones. These could include employee training and the need of insurance policies.

This event is supported by:
• Clarity – Clarity designs and develop web and mobile applications: they bring ideas to life.
• Borsam IP devotes itself to help SME protecting their intellectual property rights in China.
• Startup Launchpad – Asia’s largest hardware startup tradeshow held in Hong Kong that gives new companies access to 60,000+ distributors and retailers worldwide.
• BSG Berkeley Sourcing Group – An international turnkey manufacture provider for hardware startups.
• FirstShotz is China’s largest no risk marketing and distribution agency.
• SimplyWork 2.0 – An international and nurturing coworking space based in Shenzhen, which has 7 spaces in different districts.

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