China sells 50 Armed Drones to Pakistan

According to the Reports China sells 50 armed drones to Pakistan, China’s state media publicized its decision’ to supply 50 Wing Loong II armed drones to Pakistan, which it predicted, would be a nightmare for Indian military ground formations in high-altitude areas” as Indian military does not have the ability to respond to the new-age stand-off weapons” Like armed drones. Arguing that Chinese armed drones had played a crucial role in recent conflicts” by decimating the enemy defences, and conventional armour. the Chinese media said” Indian ground formations would be unable to parry an attack by a large number of armed drones. While the Chinese emphasis on the success of Wing Loong II in Conflicts’ is a matter to be noted. Indian military officials point out that the armed drones perform optimally in uncontested air spaces, or where it has air dominance. But! This isn’t going to be the case, with China or Pakistan’s border with India.
Whether it is Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir, or the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, the airspace is very closely monitored by radars and hotly contested with fighters. The armed drones will simply be shot down” if they cross the lines, said a former Indian Air Force chief.
But Pakistan’s acquisition of the armed drones from China, does underscore the need for India” to acquire weaponised drones, and anti-drone systems, since the unmanned aerial vehicles can be used to launch air-to-ground weapons, without crossing the L.O.C or L.A.C. The drones can discharge the weapons beyond the engagement envelopes of the Indian guns, or surface-to-air missiles on the ground.
As of now, India does not have any armed drone system. The Indian army is acquiring two Predators Drones on lease for maritime domain awareness for friend or foe identification, which is not enough to counter Pakistan, or China. India had accepted the necessity for the armed forces, to have Close-in weapon systems in 2015, and floated the tender for the system that detects” and destroys incoming missiles, or enemy aircraft three years later. The Russian S-400 system, which made the cut, is expected to be available next year for the Indian army.
While Chinese media and military not to compare the Indian army, with Powerful Chinese army, or maybe playing psychological warfare. After all a Chinese Wing Loong II drone, is one-tenth the cost of a fighter, and it does not make sense to shoot them down using million-dollar air-to-air missiles, Said by the indian defense Official.
To ensure that the troops are protected from stand-off weapons, the Indian Army is using tunnel defences with huge concrete Hume pipes to provide the defence, in case of the first strike on the front-line. But a lucky strike from an enemy drone can unravel the best of defence plans, without a properly integrated air defence network in place.
One thing is for sure, Pakistan and China both are playing psychological warfare with India” which indicates the early clash between the regional powers.

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    lol bro this is indian websites making fake propeganda Pakistan has already reject one year later and said that we will invest in AZM PROJECT where 5th generation drones and aircraft will be produce

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    China: We don’t like India very much.
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    Chinese drones are bit expensive, not reliable and most importantly not war tested as compared to Turkish Drones. Pakistan should buy Turkish drones.

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