Canadian Drone Law 2019 – Basic Exam Thoughts & Tips

Canadian Drone Law 2019 – Basic Exam Thoughts & Tips

Starting from June 1 2019, flying drones over 250g up to 25kg requires a drone pilot certificate/license along with drone registration.

1:12 New Law Overview
1:23 Penalties
2:25 Account Registration
3:33 Basic Exam Overview
4:41 Drone Certificate, Flying Conditions
7:47 A few tips & tricks to help you pass the exam (no guarantees)


After you pass the basic exam and register your drone you will be able to fly under these conditions:
-No flighting within 5.6km from airports
-No flighting within 1.9km from the heliport
-Minimum 30m horizontal distance from people
-No flying around advertised events (outdoor concerts, etc)
-Avoid forest fires
-Fly when you can visually see your drone at all times
-Max altitude: 122m (400f)


A few tips & tricks to help you pass the exam (no guarantees):

1. There is no study guide, It’s an open book exam so Google is your friend!
2. $10 fee per attempt, so go with your first shot, it’s ok if you didn’t pass the first time.
3. Multiple monitors or dual monitor setups will help a lot.
4. If you don’t understand the questions, jump to the next one and come back later.
5. Don’t leave any empty questions.
6. Spot on the right answers by filtering the wrong answers
7. Still not sure about the questions? Go with your gut! At least better than leaving it empty.
8. Sometimes longest answer might be the right one.
9. CMD+F, search keywords on the PDFs (linked below)
10. Don’t rush, you have plenty of time for the basic test.
11. Remain Calm! Don’t get scared.
12. Minimize the distractions in your environment, turn your phone off.

Don’t forget to register your drone after you pass the basic operation exam!!


Here is a list of documents/PDFs that might help you to pass the basic exam:

1. Canadian Aviation Regulations:

2.Knowledge Requirements for drone pilots:

3. Aeronautical Information Manual:


Drone Management Portal login:

Drone Pilot App:


Transport Canada Contact info:
Civil Aviation (Headquarters)
Phone: 1-800-305-2059


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