Can I Build My Drone Business by Processing Imagery for Other Mapping Companies?

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01:18 – Today’s question is about processing 3D maps for other mapping companies
01:50 – Can providing just image processing prove to be a viable drone business?
03:09 – Is Fiverr the right platform for finding clients for your drone business? What upsells can you provide?
04:00 – Learn about this cool tool through which you can create an interface using mapping images
04:37 – Will you require a really powerful computer to process maps?
07:25 – Which other software apart from Pix4D should you learn?
09:53 – Learn about our forthcoming course on interior and exterior mapping
10:30 – What is the one thing that DroneDeploy does better than everyone else?
11:09 – Challenges with using Pix4D for volumetric measurement
12:20 – Paul sums up today’s episode

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