Advantages of Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) in production

Advantages of Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) in production

Producers Guild of America presents: Shooting With Drones- A Master Class

Drones have emerged as a powerful tool for producers in film, television, and new media. Offering the capability to get never-before-seen shots and a freedom to go places that traditional aircraft can’t reach, drones offer an exciting opportunity for producers and directors to create visual magic like never before.

But as drone use has exploded in the recent years, regulations, restrictions, and fees have popped up, creating a confusing landscape for producers. We will cover what all producers need to know when shooting with drones: how to choose the right aircraft and camera for your shoot, location concerns, safety regulations, FAA paperwork, finding the most experienced crew, and insuring your drone production, plus more.

We featured a panel of industry leaders who offer producers the chance to learn from the brightest minds working on the front lines in drone cinematography.

Plus, producers had the chance to see and touch a full range of drones including small, medium and full-sized “heavy lifter” aircraft, including one outfitted with a Black Magic Cinema camera.
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