Adelaide FPV Cup Drone Race – TBS Crossfire/Latency Vlog

Coverage of the Adelaide FPV Cup Race and moving over to TBS Crossfire!

This was the second time they ran an FPV Race at the Adelaide Show. Last year it was called the Adelaide International and this year it’s called the Adelaide Show FPV World Cup and it forms a part of the FAI World Cup Series of races.

In this video I got him to open up about how he feels about the Expectation that he can just win races back to back. We all know that so much needs to go right to even be in with a chance and only a couple of years ago, he literally had everything that could go wrong for him go wrong! So knowing this got him to share his views.

This race is also unique in that while the show is on, there is a significant amount of RF Noise. Last year we had issues with FrSky as did most people. He ended up racing my quads instead of his last year because my X4Rs seemed to have better range than the XSRs in his Helix.

Trappy had given us a Crossfire to try in Muncie and he wanted feedback on the latency which in theory should be better than FrSky and basically wanting to know if Thomas could feel the difference and if so, how significant. I told Trappy we weren’t going to risk doing the Crossfire test until we did this race. Before leaving for Adelaide I decided to bring along the Crossfire just in case. Turned out on the Friday we got heaps of reports of Futaba and FrSky radios experiencing lockouts. Only control link that seemed to be solid was the TBS Crossfire.

At this stage we only have the one TBS Crossfire Micro Bundle so we update one of Thomas’ Helix Quads. Cut a long story short we got it going and tested it the next day. The link seemed solid but surprisingly the latency was better without a doubt. So now I’m left with messaging every one I know, trying to get another TBS Micro RX. In the end Egon (one of the Adelaide organisers) found someone in Adelaide who had a brand new one they could sell to me. The next day I picked it up at the end of practice and fitted it to the second quad overnight.

So if you’re still reading this lets cover what’s not in the video. On race day they had 1 practice round followed by 3 races were points based and the top 8 would progress through to the Semi Final.

In the first round he won the race gaining maximum points and in the second race while in the lead and on the final lap another quad had to go around due to missing a gate or flag, resulting in a collision which resulted in breaking an arm, motor and other gear.

The third round required a win for him to make it to the Semi Finals and luckily enough he managed to bring his backup quad over the finish first and once again gaining maximum points for that race.

The Semi and the final is on the video!

I always wonder if anyone actually reads the description of my video, so if you do and want to comment below, start your comment with #squishx

SnakeFPV’s video on Crossfire

Additional footage supplied by:

Nathaniel Kuchel
Andrew Kwitko

Music by ikson:

ImpulseRC Helix ZX5 Squish Prototype
T-Motor F40 III 2750 KV
T-Motor ESCs F30A 2-6S
TBS Crossfire Micro Bundle
ImpulseRC FC & VTX
TBS Triumph Antenna (Full Size)
HQ 5×4.5×3 V3
4S 1300mah Dogcom Graphenes
Foxeer HS1177 Camera – 2.1mm Lens
BetaFligt 3.2.0
Taranis Plus with Hall Sensor Gimbals

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