HANDS DOWN the best beginner FPV drone package available to date for the price. $65 for a tiny whoop style FPV drone, little radio and even a pair of FPV goggles. If you want to try flying a FPV drone there is no excuse at that price – link http://bit.ly/2AkEwVk

there is 2 versions
complete package with everything – http://bit.ly/2AkEwVk $65 at time of video
Drone and Dadio only (no fpv goggles) – $36

Spare batteries link – http://bit.ly/e013battery Highly recommended so you can keep flying while charging the others.


Goggles – Aomway commanders – http://bit.ly/aomwayFPV
Radio – Taranis QX7 – http://bit.ly/FrskyQX7
Props – cyclones 5046C – http://bit.ly/DALcyclone
Charger – SkyRC Q200 – http://bit.ly/Q200charger
Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 – http://bit.ly/2xs712W

FYI these are affiliate or campaign links and the above product was sent for free. If you dont like it, feel free to just google search the product or store and get the link that way. But if it doesn’t bother you these links help support the channel and also help vendors track the impact of my videos.

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Mic used – http://bit.ly/2jAl3Ly
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


Thanks again to everyone who enjoys, like or shares these videos. We have such an amazing community and it is extremely humbling to know that my videos are reaching so many of you. Stay tuned for more exciting videos and as always…

Happy flying.



1. Leave a comment about something you like about this beginner fpv kit.
2. Enteries will be chosen at random with a random comment picker.
3. Open to everyone, but to claim the prize you must be in a country that banggood ships to. Banggood will pay shipping.
4. I will contact you through your about page on your youtube channel.
5. youtube is in no way affiliated with this competition. YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest and I release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest.



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