50 DRONE TIPS From Beginner to Pro

50 DRONE TIPS From Beginner to Pro

Here’s 50 Tips on How to Fly a Drone and also how to capture better photos and videos. Head over to Wirestock and setup your free account to get started with stock footage: https://geni.us/QTqaJG

△ Drone Filmmaking Masterclass: https://geni.us/ED1Km
△ Creative Color Grading – From Beginner to Pro: https://geni.us/kNsrG

△ Mavic 3: https://youtu.be/q30ecvjH-wE
△ Air2S: https://youtu.be/FcFKkmmT68o
△ Mini 2: https://youtu.be/j-bxCZyvnEM
△ Air 2: https://youtu.be/R27YiJbIykE
△ Pro 2 & Zoom: https://youtu.be/tYrnNYgbglY

FAA Regulations: https://www.faa.gov/uas/

Step 1: Creating Video Ideas and a YouTube Strategy: https://geni.us/jia93G
Step 2: How to Use Any Camera: https://geni.us/useanycamera
Step 3: Video Editing Beginners Guide: https://geni.us/dkNlQnp
Step 4: Creative Color Grading – From Beginner to Pro: https://geni.us/kNsrG
More Creator Courses to Expand Your Skills: https://geni.us/JBQq9m

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00:00 – 50 Drone Tips from Beginner to Pro
01:40 – Learn Your Drone
02:36 – Have a Good Launch Pad
02:58 – Test & Practice
03:17 – Strong GPS Signal
04:03 – Avoid Bad Weather
04:58 – Save Some Battery
05:48 – Avoid Hand Catching
06:27 – Shade Your Screen
06:49 – Check Cards & Batteries
07:19 – Set RTH Altitude
07:48 – Hover First
08:32 – Understand Regulations
09:46 – Part 107 License
10:35 – Learn Active Track
11:35 – Learn Obstacle Avoidance
12:16 – Go Somewhere Interesting
13:14 – Research Your Location
13:33 – Have a Subject
13:52 – Why are you flying?
14:38 – Fly Lower
15:11 – Point Straight Down
15:24 – Show Scale
15:53 – Sunrise & Sunset
16:21 – Look For Shadows
16:45 – Split Frame in Half
17:06 – Leading Lines
17:30 – Try Different Compositions
17:58 – Watch Your Exposure
18:41 – Create a Starburst
19:15 – Use a Grid
19:58 – Freeze Action
20:26 – ND Filters For Blur
20:52 – Use Bracketing
21:27 – Use the Full Sensor
21:57 – Shoot in Raw
22:19 – Print Your Photos
23:06 – No Jerky Movements
23:27 – Use Smooth Modes
24:10 – Use Sport Mode
24:44 – Shoot in LOG
25:33 – Use ND Filter
26:31 – Use Lowest ISO
27:04 – Shoot at 30fps
27:38 – Use High Frame Rates
28:05 – Create Parallax
28:42 – Use Autofocus
29:14 – Use Manual White Balance
29:41 – Use Color Assist
30:13 – Shoot a Variety
30:47 – Think Through Shots
31:21 – Have Fun

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    My need is:
    1. Flight Stability against Wind (my drone stands in Wind class 7 but still not stability as hope).
    2. I always like Sunrise and Sunset, so need minimum illumination.
    3. Its my last decade for retire of my work and start become to a photographer (cause watch your channel..😁)

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