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Flying solo using a machine other than a small plane has been a for decades a human dream. Individual flying machines of all shapes and sizes you can find below.

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Star Wars Episode I – Podracing

01:21 ● 1. Airspeeder
The World’s First Racing Series For Manned Flying Electric Cars.
Airspeeder is a proposed motorsport series for electric flying vehicles.
It was founded by Matt Pearson, and powered by performance eVTOL manufacturer Alauda who planned to hold an Airspeeder World Championship featuring five teams and ten pilots in various remote locations across the globe with the first public race proposed in Coober Pedy, South Australia. The teams may be provided racing electric quadcopters, known as ‘Speeders’ that can fly at speeds of up to 200km/h by Alauda.

👉• https://airspeeder.com/

04:07 ● 2. DCL Big Drone: The Groundbreaking Manned Aerobatic Drone
Drone Champions AG was founded by Herbert Weirather and has a virtual reality drone flying game company as well as sponsoring live races with real uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. Weirather decided to invent a one passenger crewed aerobatic drone to create a brand new racing experience for the public.

In February 2020, the company announced they developed and built the first-ever crewed aerobatic drone called the “Big Drone”. Testing began indoors in Germany before the drone was taken for its maiden outdoor flights, where aerobatic maneuvers were successful in Vrsar, Croatia.

Maximum speed of the eVTOL aircraft is 140 km/h (87 mph), has 12 motors and 12 propellers and the aircraft can roll 180 degrees over and make full 180 degree loops. It is expected to be used and flown by people who play in the Drone Champions League.

They are now recruiting for people to remotely fly the 217 brake horsepower aircraft from the pool of people playing Drone Champions League – The Game.

👉• https://dcl.aero/explore/big-drone/

07:03 ● 3. Hover drone taxi
Urban Air Mobility (UAM) company ‘HOVER’ has been testing its drone taxi prototype in Moscow. The company aim to be flying over the city in 2023-2025.

HOVER is the brainchild of inventor and businessman Alexander Atamanov, who takes part in the tests himself. A group of engineers have been working on the drone taxi since 2016.

The digital control system is managed on 5G networks. It provides the best routes for the drone taxi and monitors the safety of flights. Therefore, a person on board is not required as part of the management process.

The aircraft’s dimensions are similar to those of a passenger car. This allows the HOVER to fit into a standard parking space and manoeuvre in a car park. It can also drive into a garage and drive back out onto the street.

👉• https://www.hoversurf.com/

09:26 ● 4. Hoverbike S3 – Drone Powered Individual Flying
Founded by Russian national Alex Atamanov, the company took it upon itself to create what may become the world’s first mass-marketed flying bike. The technology developed by the company has grown over the years to become a machine called Hoverbike S3.

In 2017, Hoverbike delivered to the Dubai police the first Hoverbikes.
The Hoverbike S3 is one of the tools people could be able to use in the not so distant future to get around by flying rather than driving. It is a motorbike-like construction allowing only one person to ride it at a time, or that can be used simply as a drone.

👉• https://www.hoversurf.com/

11:08 ● 5. JetPack Aviation Launches The Speeder, A Star Wars-Style Flying Motorcycle.

The Speeder builds on JPA’s jet turbine expertise, developed over the years working on the company’s astounding JB-series jetpacks. It uses a cluster of four turbojet engines putting out a combined maximum thrust of 705 lbf – enough to lift the 231-lb (105 kg) airframe and a pilot up to 240 lb (109 kg).

Crucially, they’re also rigged up to a fly-by-wire control system that allows the Speeder to self-stabilize in the air, much like a quadcopter drone. Running on kerosene, JetA or diesel, you can get yourself between 10 and 22 minutes in the air and 15,000 ft altitudes with 150 mph speeds, dependent on pilot weight and density altitude.

👉• https://jetpackaviation.com/​
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  4. Jose Martinez on April 11, 2021 at 1:36 am

    I hate to admit it, but the ruskies seem to have the best option. The last rocket powered drone was a joke. Venturi propellers for moving forward, though, it’s a logical step. Avoids the need for complex tilting mechanisms that could fail.

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