5 Items You Will REGRET DROPSHIPPING (Aliexpress Products to AVOID)

Learn which 5 Aliexpress items you will REGRET trying to dropship in your dropshipping store…
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SPOILER ALERT! Answers to the game are revealed in this video description. Read ahead at your own risk…

ITEM #1: Sex Toys [5 Points]

WHY: You are NOT allowed to run Facebook ads to advertise it. Sex toys are BANNED.

We get emails from newbies who thought this niche would surely be profitable, and decided to build a store around it. Then when it came to running Facebook ads to their store – their ads got shut down.

And it’s not just sex toys Facebook don’t allow. Categories like Weapons & Ammunition and Surveillance Cameras also aren’t allowed to be advertised on Facebook’s platform.

This isn’t the end of the world though. In fact, a friend of mine sells an item that almost every advertising platform doesn’t allow: e-cigarettes. How? He discovered one ad platform that did: Reddit!

BUT, he only managed to finally do this, after being turned down by many, many others.

For most beginners, you’ll have a far easier time if you stick to niches that are allowed on Facebook, and use that for your traffic source.

ITEM #2: Guitar Mug [15 Points]

WHY: Too expensive

This item’s a regular here on our channel, but only for ONE reason: it’s an example of what a GREAT product should look like.

Think about it: it’s cool, novel, unique, and would have guitar lovers who love coffee clamouring to buy it!

But it’s way too expensive.

On our channel, we’ve talked a lot about selling and advertising low-priced items to attract impulse buys from customers.

The sweet-spot for pricing, is to keep your items at no more than $15. And to do that, you need to aim to find items that cost no more than $5, which INCLUDES the cost of shipping.

So if you did try to sell this $9 guitar mug, you’d have a very small margin to make a profit after advertising and the cost of the actual product itself.

ITEM #3: Hippo Storage Stools [10 Points]

WHY: Too large (so they are not eligible for ePacket shipping)

ePacket, is another one of our “holy grails” we teach on this channel.

In case you don’t know, ePacket is a shipping treaty set up between the US and China to encourage Americans to buy small, low-cost items from China.

The total height, width and length of ePacket packages cannot exceed more than 90cm, with the longest length not exceeding 60cm. And the total weight can’t exceed 2kgs, which is just under 4.5 pounds.

So unfortunately, those adorable hippo storage stools aren’t going to fit inside an ePacket package.

Funnily enough, if you’re familiar with Aliexpress, you might see even BIGGER items that are eligible for ePacket shipping.

Why? Because they’re COLLAPSIBLE.

So you can still sell “big” items through ePacket, as long as those items are collapsible. Which our hippo stools are not.

ITEM #4: ALL West Highland White Terrier Products [15 Points]

WHY: Too niche

The Westie niche doesn’t have a lot of market depth, with only a handful of products that get 50+ orders. You’d want to find way more than this, if you want a greater chance in finding potential winning items to sell.

But there’s another reason too: Ad saturation.

You see, you might have an ad that is super hot, and getting lots of sales. But over time, this ad could become saturated – and “die out.” If this happens, your ad sales will fall off. When this happens, it’s a good idea to pause the ad and try it some months later again.

But when your winning product turns into a dud overnight, your income can drop drastically.

This is what happened to a subscriber of ours. Their winning product made them $10k/month. What did they do? They kicked back and relaxed. After all, they had tonnes of money flowing in.

That was, until their ad stopped converting.

And because they didn’t have a second product to test, their income dropped to zero.

Now he learned his lesson – but sadly, he learned it too late. Don’t make his mistake. Pick a niche with plenty of depth that has potential for multiple winning products.

ITEM #5: Guitar Necklace

WHY: It costs more than $5 if you include ePacket shipping

See, as I mentioned in ITEM #3, you should be aiming to find products that costs $5 or less.

While our product itself costs less than $5, adding its shipping cost to it, $2.35, pushes it way over the $5 mark.

Remember: You need to find items that cost less than $5, INCLUDING SHIPPING.

And that’s the end of the game!

How many points did you win? Let us know in the comments below!


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  12. Wholesale Ted on August 11, 2020 at 9:13 am

    Alright, I think I need to clarify some things here, because based on the comments, a lot of people misunderstood some aspects of the video!

    1) Yes, you can successfully sell items for $15+. This channel is aimed at beginners. The easiest items to sell are lower cost. Items priced at $15+ will require better marketing techniques (e.g. a great video can easily do it). For most beginners, there are many, many skills they need to learn to start a new dropshipping business that I think that making things as easy as possible and starting at lower price-points and being successful there FIRST is best. Baby steps. If you disagree and would rather jump to something more advanced, then go for it: but I find that getting that first sale is key to making things "click" which is why I design my training to get everyone to their first sale as fast as possible by removing barriers (and remember – this is just the FRONT-END product. Upsells bring in a lot of money!).

    2) I’m not saying you can only put $15 or less items in your store. When I say "dropship" I mean the items that you’re advertising on Facebook. If you’d like to fill out your store with more expensive items then go for it. In fact, I actively recommend it. It makes the other items priced lower in your store look more like a bargain in comparison. This is also why I don’t think you should do store-wide sales and have everything 50% off. Having items priced at a "normal" price point makes your other ones look better in comparison!

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