2020 European Union Drone Laws – questions and answers

2020 European Union Drone Laws – questions and answers

Let’s do a “Questions and Answers” about new EU drone regulations that will be (should be) the law starting from June 2020. It’s all described in EASA regulations 2019/945 and 2019/947 as well as explained by me over here: https://youtu.be/nEEWYN_5a28
In this video let’s talk in-depth about:
1:51 what will happen when you will be caught flying illegally
3:10 FPV and BVLOS
4:35 flying in parks
5:30 cops will not be able to figure out what goes where
5:48 25mW VTX power restriction and how to change that
6:38 19m/s speed limitations
8:05 what about 6S LiPos
8:58 what about gas and nitro models?
9:26 what will happen with all DJI drones like Phantom, Mavic, Spark, Inspire and so on

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Recommended hardware:
Alfa Monster 7 inch http://bit.ly/2Tjd182
AlfaRC Fighter 7 inch http://bit.ly/2EDtbnw

Avenger v2 2507 http://bit.ly/2XduDUS
Racestar BR2508S http://bit.ly/2SHzfjH
The cheapest for 5″ http://bit.ly/2KFwAGo

BN-180 GPS http://bit.ly/2VqHuSF
BN880 GPS http://bit.ly/2OxW5by

Flight controllers
Matek F722 Wing http://bit.ly/2AzlYCZ
Matek F722 SE http://bit.ly/2r5OAPo

Runcam Eagle 2 Pro http://bit.ly/2MXKhmv
Foxeer CAT http://bit.ly/2XVe5F1

Arduino compatible boards
ESP32 LORA32 http://bit.ly/2BjG47d

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