15 year-old wins $250,000 racing drones!

15 year-old wins $250,000 racing drones!

15 yr old wins $250,000 racing drones!

A British teenager has won the tittle of best Drone racing pilot in the world. This event took place in Dubai, organized under the supervision of the Prince. If you do not know what drone racing is then sit tight…

Drone racing involves a pilot controlling the race Drone via video feed that the pilot sees via FPV or first person view googles or an LCD screen. It is kind of like playing a video game except this is real and the chances of crashing and ruining your drone are great.

This race involved many of the best pilots around the World competing for more than $1million dollars in prizes and awards. Luke Bannister and his team from the UK were among the finalist and won the $250,000 dollar grand prize.

If you thought that drones were just toys well you did not know about the very serious sport of Drone Racing. Forget about your aerial photography drone like the DJI, those drones are slow compared to these miniature sized flyers that can reach speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour.


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