1. Cyonyst on November 28, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    that STD MODE is the hardest to control!… but on a serious note… the best drones are the ones you build from scratch with carbon fiber frames, that way you know your machine inside and out.. so when you crash its easy to repair.. if you need to repair… these drones your showing are for basic entry level drone flyers, people who throw money at something and have it happen without understanding how it works.. ALL THESE DRONES ARE MADE FROM PLASTIC OUTER SHELL.. you crash once and you have to buy another plastic housing.. its all one piece… all of these drones except 2 have a under-slung camera mount… if you just want Arial footage then go ahead.. but if you want something that will last.. check out some of these sites.. http://www.armattanquads.com/armattan-minis/ http://www.getfpv.com/multi-rotor-frames/ready-to-fly-rtf-builds/qav180-mini-fpv-quadcopter-rtf.html get a RTF carbon quad and you will be set. they have great customer service and great products… with REAL CARBON FIBER… lots of fake carbon fiberglass out there dont be fooled..

  2. Pro APV Solutions on November 28, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Thanks for the review! The Yuneec Q500 4K should have been listed instead of the Q500+. They are nearly the same price, but with a MUCH better camera. The Inspire 1 is great, but in a class of its own with such a high price point however.

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