【Intelligent Mechatronic System】High Payload and Duration Commercial Drones

The eight-axis drone is developed with the hybrid power system funded by MOEA in 2017. This octa-copter could last 45 mins hovering time at 30 kg payload.
Furthermore, a mountainous garden field test was conducted in late 2017 to verify the smart spray module to perform as advanced agricultural drone.
Besides, the 30 kg payload is good for granular fertilizer implementation. In 2018, a novel fuselage topology will be demonstrated to show better electric propulsion efficiency and anti-gust wind effect.
Surely as the payload will reach as 50 kg, it will perform as a more advanced high payload utility with smart mechatronic modules and functions like adaptive control to cope with the variance of payload.
Nevertheless, the functional payload like the lightweight dry ice cleaning module will be developed to be integrated with the autopilot to show more tasks will be conducted by this utility multi-copter.

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