Pro Flight Simulator, The Game Or The Real Thing?


To understand what’s going on in the minds of flight fans and enthusiasts, first we have to learn what a flying simulation truly is. Flying simulators can be classified as software applications used to reproduce and simulate real airplane flying experience with all its features and characteristics. There are many different flying simulation software packages available on the market today and we will look into Pro Flight Simulator, which has been considered one of the best options in terms of price and quality. It is relatively inexpensive and offers lots of great features, planes and aircraft, including helicopters, military and commercial planes. The quality of simulation software is generally measured by its ability to recreate the flying experience as realistic and true-to-life as possible. Pro Flight Simulator fits perfectly into that model and with its abilities to recreate different weather conditions it makes you practice various emergency scenarios and potential disasters. In such situations the software will automatically detect your nearest airport and give you all instructions necessary to land safely; based on weather conditions, amount of pressure, wind, temperatures and other key factors.The game could also be helpful to potential and aspiring pilots who would like to learn more about different flying conditions in different parts of the world during different seasons of the year. This is especially useful for those people interested in military aircraft and war situations.Another cool feature of Pro Flight Simulator is the “hour of day display” with its ability to adjust universal time to your own computer’s time. That’s very helpful if you want to experience realistic flying in night or day settings. It will also adjust to different geographical and climate conditions as you fly through different locations and to different airports around the world. It would be unfair to review a product and not to mention its competitors and other similar packages on the market. Popular flying simulation software also available on the market today is “RC Flight Simulator” but, in my experience, it is no true match to the “Pro Flight Simulator”. It is made more like a computer game and no true, professional training software. On the other hand, I really like what “The Virtual Procedure Trainer” has to offer. It is a great piece of software and many pilots and flight crew are using it as a part of their training program, but with the price tag approaching $1000 I think I will stick with “Pro Flight Simulator” for another while.It’s really hard to tell which one from previously mentioned software packages is the best, as they are made for different profile of people, have different features and price tags. In my experience as an aircraft enthusiast and a fan of flying, Pro Flight Simulator seems to be the best choice, with its numerous features, training potential and reasonable price.

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