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Whether the thing you’ll market is your own product or another person’s, it really doesn’t matter. It is because the bloodline of a business is its monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales. If it can’t reach its monthly quota, then there is no reason why it should continue doing business. Without sales, the company would be dissolved. Now when it comes to marketing, there’s no strategy that comes closer than MLM or multi level marketing. Multi level marketing is not a one-way marketing approach where in agents are asked to hard sell a product. It is actually a creative way to integrating marketing, sales, and pooling of human resources together so that everybody gets the income they want. To succeed in an MLM business, you have to recruit many downlines. These downlines are going to be the foundation of your business because they too, are tasked to sell the product and get more people involved in marketing them that you do. The more people selling a product, the more sales it is for the company. The more sales, the more income it will be for them too. But of course, you need to motivate people who had joined you to work more and recruit more people. And you can only do this by giving them good figures for a monthly or quarterly income, not to mention big commissions. When people hear about the possibility of earning big, they are more likely to try the opportunity than to just pass it by without even giving it a chance. However, not all people get successful in an MLM business. This is because they are just intent on the money they earn but they don’t do what it takes to get that amount. Pure will is not going to take you to the top of an MLM business. You have to employ your strategy to find people that may be interested in the business. You can’t just sell a product to anybody. You have to pre-qualify your customers so that you are not going to waste time on people who totally don’t have any need for the product you are selling. When MLM is done right residual income comes next. Perseverance and diligence are the main qualities you need to succeed in this opportunity. You need to do everything that it takes to build downlines. You have to learn how to sell your products well. There’s no way you can earn millions over night. That big amount of money is worked for. You do need to invest some time, money, and effort on the business so that eventually, you will earn as big as the testimonies of the other people ahead of you did. Earning through MLM is really possible. But if you quit right away without going through the pains, then there’s no way you’ll earn a single centavo from in. Take it from the experts. They have been there before.  

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